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My windows and games/apps/movies missing two thirds of their playable content! how to fix it!?

So since playstation 3 lightcellprocessor games could reality emulate subtly to a limited extent with skin that sweats, wet hair wet water.. fabric. realistic physics and combat.

So one of the games supposed to be on ps2 or ps3.. was delayed for years.. because.. wet tshirts and wet water.. and physics.. and literally gay retard **bleep**s with fake hardware that are NOT AMD devices and infinitely worse than a PS3 even by todays standards that do NOT have wet water or real hair or realistic skin.. go around deleting all the wet tshirts and content from our netflix catalogs and our anime streaming services, we cant see animated videos and video game or computer graphics with graphics technologies that gay **bleep**s cant ever ever reproduce and they are so deathly allergic to sexy women with wet tshirts.. so.. i had to spend years fiddling with config files to get my wet tshirts ps3 game dead or alive 6 to finally have wet tshirts again on PC. Also my windows OS icons when view say a system file in LARGE ICON size it has a gears cog wheel thingy.. its not supposed to be a flat 2d cutout.. ever since MS 3d substance painter 3d replaced classic windows MS paint and it was used in creating games like forza horizon 5.. we all see the windows icons in super 3d with realistic shading or shadows.. or you know that the playstation 3 was infinitely better than fake 60's lighting techniques for fake hardware not maths not computers RAYTRACING.. the ps3 could use real light as in the stars and the sun like as in deep space radiation based imaging and digital photography as in capturing and processing and outputting TRUE LIGHT radiation data with RAY CASTING and RAYmarching and better than fullvolumestereo/dual/binaural/hybrid/lightpathways i mean previously the faster than reality playstation 3 could freely sync with existence and game anything at 1080p in the highest quality possible carbon detail. But now zen goes beyond being faster than existence it is one with everything void nothingness that is totality mathematically. So uhh basically now that my tshirts are wet again, hidden moves not on the moves list and certain combos become sort of possible to execute again.. ring outs on certain maps maybe.. thats just in the one game dead or alive 6.

but its still miles away from true universe quality..

how do we fix stuff and get all our content back and have our games work fully again? especially at the OS level? things like the graphics cards people paid for never been used at all. they expect you to not have one like some sort of intel/nvidia savage who literally cant maths. you need to go to like edge://settings and the system and performance tab and enable the hardware GPU acceleration. you also gotta fiddle with stuff in edge://flags for things audio video or sound or decoding or hardware .. BUT ENABLE GPU HARDWARE CAUSES NETFLIX ERROR CODES cant play back netflix.?? why are cosmic level retard **bleep**s like microsoft not just have the ONE OS comes with both vulkan and any other API the one correct .net version and the one correct latest best video/audio renderer and rendering techniques you can toggle between them and all must come from microsoft or AMD and be in the one control panel that controls all hardware rendering quality. so you load the one super high quality graphics settings like in say blender or unity3d's highest render texture quality quixel megascans whatever u wanna make up names for it. and potato PC's just load the textures in with limits and low quality settings in lower colorspaces or whatever fake not real garbage nvidia uses lately. change settings in the OS control panel then all your games game at that quality.. theres no random names for things like epic or ultimate or maximum.. just set the display renderer and render quality and texture quality and all that in the one OS config GLOBAL so apps dont make up their own fake ray tracing (which is itself fake lighting) or their own fake antialiasing or their own fake.. whatever else..and use the hardware vendors include files and COMPILE THEM.. so when u put in a different intel card or nvidia card in an AMD OS install it will not work and error codes or crash wrong architecture no hardware detected.

heres some older screenshots i was playing around with my settings with a config file. you can see proof of wet tshirts happening

her shirt is wet fake hardware cant handle girls in wet tshirts literally.her shirt is wet fake hardware cant handle girls in wet tshirts literally.

the gamma may have been set wrong with a typo before when i took it, like a 7.0 or a 6 and hybridlog gamma ewww not a 9.0 or whatever. hmm.. im still experimenting with settings.

how do i fix it? so far 3d now being set to 99999999Dnow and cinema 99999999D and 99999999Dvcache and 99999999thdimensionalemulation and lightemulation and typing in the stolen code and software that 99% of functions arent supported by nvidia and intels fake hardware the stolen AMD software i suspect is called GAMEWORKS you type those words in and stuff your ps3 could do but wasnt.. it now can again sort of.. at least for the playstation 2 and webcamera opencameraapi lighting functions and ray casting/marching. and the ps3s ray marching casting or your windows OS. nvidia might have pretended to have purchased the software when they seized up by force the voodoo3dfx graphics card business which actually used AMD chips and technology it may have been a company like asus or gigabyte and resells AMD chips and nvidias cards still arent as good as the older AMD voodoo3dfx in terms of tessellation and some things but that was less digital and more analog techniques so they dont translate well to modern infinity quantum super computers like ryzen and the radeons with their faster than reality mathematics. especially when intel and nvidia never invented a single thing and do the classic apple approach of wait for decades and buy up obsolete crap cheap then rename it and pretend its 'the latest greatest' but they tend to do it with over 60 year old AMD stuff thats licencing and copyright laws expire and they hand to uni students as open source.

so uhh.. i think a heap of games content and features and functions.. arent functioning.. when the water isnt wet.. and the physics isnt physics.. and the maths isnt maths. 

so we end up with most of our netflix and anime streaming libraries and our tv and products and things missing from the market here in astrogaylia down under.

how would you address this or correct it? even the gamma levels and colorspace and HDR and other things need to be cranked up octillions of googols higher than **bleep**ty fake hardwares pretend fake ultra. 

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