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Journeyman III

pc performance

I need help with a problem that has been bothering me for a long time and that is that in games like Warzone, Warframe, Battlefield and Monter Hunter World, I have jerks and I have even made changes to hardware and software but I still have the same problem despite having a good PC, I don't know what this is because even changing the graphics to the lowest keeps giving me the same problems, I hope you can help me, thanks.

Motherboard Aorus x570 pro wifi

Ryzen7 5700G

Nzxt z63 Liquid cooler

Rx 6750 xt OC Gigabyte

Munfrost 850w 80 plus gold

1tb SSD HyperX Fury M.2 (windows 11 pro)

1tb SSD XPG M.2 S40G 

32 GB RAM D50G XPG 2x16 4133 MHz

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Volunteer Moderator

I think you are saying that you get short duration stuttering of the video when playing these games.  If you have updated your graphics drivers to the latest version, you can then look into some tweaks to the settings, such as turning FreeSync on / off.  

As for the hardware side of things, I see that your RAM is set pretty high - are you overclocking it?  I would stop any overclocking of the RAM, the CPU and the video card until I found the source of the stuttering.  

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