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Journeyman III


Greetings guys, I need help with a little problem that I present in my team. first of all my specs are the following:

-mobo: asrock b450m pro4

-Processor: Ryzen 5 3600

-Memory: 2x8gb T-force R 3200mhz

-GPU: RX 5700 XT

-PSU: corsair RM 650x (650w)

-Storage: Sandisk M.2 128gb for the system.

The problem is the following: Everything was going great until February arrived and the amd update version 23.2.2. Since that update I am having system freezes when playing. the freezes are totally random. Example: I can play the most demanding games all day long and nothing happens for 1 or 2 days without problems but at any random moment the game freezes (it only happens to me in games). and the most curious thing is that it does not give any error message or blue screen, the image simply freezes indefinitely and another curious fact. When it freezes I keep listening to my friends on discord or any background sound. until after 1 min. I have tried everything. I have tried the following with no solution:
-CPU stress test to the maximum. OK no problem Temps are fine!

-GPU stress test the same everything OK Temps are fine!

-Ram memories stress test everything OK

-stress test to the SSD as well as to the HDD everything OK...
Everything seems to be in good working order. And if I have disabled hardware acceleration and nothing. I went down to the previous version of the driver that worked fine for me on the Amd ver. 22.11.2 and Surprise The problem that I think caused by the 23.2.2 version still persists in the old 22.11.2 even using DDU and Amd utility cleaner for a clean installation. As I have read amd has released a patch to correct this but according to them that only happened in the amd 7000 series. when it really affects the 5000 like me and the 6000 series. but they don't mention them in such a patch. Someone who can help me please. I have already exhausted all options. The last thing I've done and I'm testing is Update the Chipset drivers that were outdated and disable the (MPO) from the Windows registry where a few forums say that it is the cause of such annoying and random freezing.

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Journeyman III

Update. PROBLEM SOLVED!  Only disable the MPO this FIXED ALL ISSUES. 

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Journeyman III

Update. PROBLEM SOLVED!  Only disable the MPO this FIXED ALL ISSUES. 

Adept II

I was having this issue too on my 6700xt, especially when using 2 monitors, i also disabled MPO and i still had some freezes less frequently. But the problem seems to be fixed for me in the latest version 23.3.1, since i installed this version haven't had freeze in 2 weeks

How do you disable the MPO function?
Thank you in advance


This issue got fixed for me with latest AMD drivers, i havent had a freeze in months, but if you want know how to disable MPO i can give you the steps

Disable MPO

> Open Registry Editor(press Win key + R > Type and enter: regedit).
> Right click DWM
> Click New > Dword(32) Value.
> Value name= OverlayTestMode, Value data: = 5 , Base: = Hexadecimal
> Click OK > close Registry Editor > Restart the PC.