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Journeyman III

Panasonic TV 2021

Does anyone know if the Panasonic JX940 TV series or any of their 2021 TV products actually have Freesync Premium? It says they do on all the Panasonic literature, but it is not on the list on the AMD website. 



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Re: Panasonic TV 2021

It should work since it has Free sync Premium.

AMD Freesync TV list may be outdated which is probably why it doesn't show your model there or it hasn't be tested by AMD yet.



Re: Panasonic TV 2021

Hello Folks,


Bit of text on that product page;

*Design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*This image shows the TX-65JX940.
* This product is not available in the market yet.

Also note that they do provide a "Buy" button the the page, if followed it might be available.


I generally like to consider the ratings and reviews on rtings @

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Journeyman III

Re: Panasonic TV 2021

I have not bought it yet. I just have it under consideration for a purchase at the end of this year or early next year. I was just a bit concerned as some of the literature on some of their other models has been a bit suspect, especially the product write-up on the retailers' pages. But since I did not see the model on the AMD page, I got concerned. I guess I will continue to check closer to the time I intend to make the purchase.