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Journeyman III

Ordered a week ago - still being processed. Did something went wrong?

I don't have a working pc at the moment and because my country is in lockdown I am pretty much cut off from my friends. Last week I finally got lucky and managed to order a new graphics card on the AMD Shop, after which I ordered every other part I need for a new PC. Now my question: Why is my order still being processed after one week? A guy from my country which I met in a "Search for Graphic cards" kinda forum ordered on the same day as me and he has already received his product. Right now I have no clue if something went wrong with my order or what is else is happening. Also I don't happen to find any support phone number which I could call? They are all just technical support but none of them states that I can get information about any of my orders. Has someone made a similar experience?

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Multiple posts are against forum rules..... @Matt_AMD 

Ordered a week ago, still being processed? - AMD Community