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Adept I

Offre ryzen -horizon zero down

Bonjour, j'ai acheter un processeur ryzen 3600x au mois de juin 2020 avec l'offre du jeu horizon zero down offert, hors le jeu vient de sortir et je n'ai rien reçu qui me donne accès au jeu.

Est ce normal ?

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Is the Retailer where you purchased the Ryzen Processor participating in the AMD Promotion?

Did you receive a Game Coupon or code from your Retailer?

If you did receive a Game Coupon or Code did you redeem it at AMD REWARDS site?

If you did redeem it and you followed the AMD Rewards instructions on how to get your game and haven't yet then you need to open a AMD REWARDS SUPPORT TICKET from here: 

Adept I

Oui le fournisseur chez qui j'ai acheté le processeur Ryzen faisait bien partie de l'offre promotionnel.

Non je n'ai rien reçu c'est pour cela que je me pose des questions.


Please translate your replies since this is an English Only forum.

IF you followed AMD REWARDS instructions on how to redeem your game and you still haven't received it yet,

Please open a AMD REWARDS SUPPORT TICKET and see what is going on from the link I gave you in my first reply.

Yes, the supplier I bought the Ryzen processor from was part of the promotional offer. No I haven't received anything that's why I'm asking myself questions.

Have you opened a AMD Rewards Support ticket?

They are the ones that can answer your question.


I just sent a message with the link you just gave me.