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ODR Info

H evertyone ,  , can anyone say what is the email to use on this ODR ?

I have looked everywhere and i wasnt able to find it , i dont believe someone like AMD doesnt  have a dispute contact .

tks in advance

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Okay, in my opinion, you need to clarify the problem you are having.

Your Post doesn't mention anything about what you are talking about except concerning an Online Dispute in the EU.

If you purchased any product from a Retailer in the EU you have certain rights including a 2 year Warranty from the Retailer under EU Consumer laws.

If the product is defective you must open a Warranty ticket with the Retailer where you purchased the product. The Retailer will decide what needs to be done according to your account of the product.


i have a dispute against AMD and would like to know the email for the form .

already sent the contact for support multiple times and they didnt solve anything so sending the form is the only way


Do you mind explaining what dispute you have with AMD specifically or is that a secret?

The AMD Contact depends on the dispute you have which is why I am asking.


Not at all.

i had problems with a card and requested the warranty which was accepted , they requested me to send back the card in order to the replacement to be processed .

All i got was nothing but problems with that and the company who should take it , tried to contact back the support and they didnt awser anything .

Got an email now saying the case was closed because i didnt awser in the past 10 days which is a lie , in the main time i have online school classes and have no pc because i have been waiting and waiting .

I will make this dispute with Amd as a complain to let them know how much all of this already afected me and how bad is the service



What is the Make & Model of your GPU card ?

Where did you purchase the GPU Card from and what country?

If you purchased the GPU card directly from AMD Store then AMD will take care of the Warranty but if you purchased the GPU Card from a Retailer than either the Retailer or the Manufacturer of the GPU Card is responsible for the Warranty of the GPU card.

Most Manufacturer's have a 3 year Warranty on the GPU cards. Some Manufacturers Warranty only works through the Retailer where you purchased the GPU Card.

Sapphire, for instance, is one where you need to turn in the GPU Card to the Retailer to be RMAed. The Retailer decides whether to RMA the card or not.

The point I am trying to make, as far as Warranty goes from a Manufacturer other then AMD, AMD has no control over that.


i understand all of that but again all i want at this point is the Odr email to send the complaint


Try opening a AMD Service Request - Warranty and complain there:

Or Contact AMD Customer Service from here:

Advanced Micro Devices/Customer service
1 (877) 284-1566


I am not aware of any official Online Dispute Resolution at AMD.

Also your dispute isn't with AMD so even if there was a Online Dispute Resolution it wouldn't apply since the dispute isn't with AMD but with the manufacturer of your GPU card.


that is the form i used to the contact them


AMD has no "Online Dispute Resolution" department or contact.

But in terms of their European Operations you have:


Advanced Micro Devices GmbH
Einsteinring, 24

Tel: + 49 89-450-530


Advanced Micro Devices S.A.S.
24, rue Lamartine

Tel: + 33 476-248-368


Advanced Micro Devices SpA
Via Polidoro da Caravaggio, 6

Tel: + 39 02-3-008-161

If you want a Contact E-Mail for those specific Business' then you will need to physically phone them in order to get the Personal Business E-Mail of the Contact there.

But that's the thing, those are BUSINESS Contacts. AMD does not directly deal / handle Consumers., as they're not a Consumer Business... yes, their technology is heavily used in Consumer Products; but these are 3rd Party Products; AMD merely supplies specific Chips (CPU, GPU, Chipset) and that is via a 3rd Party Fabricator, as they facilitate the supply logistics for supply from those (Global Foundries GmbH., or TSMC Ltd.)

And essentially all those European Offices are little more than Holding Companies., for Business Relations, Media Relations, Taxation, Logistics, etc.

Specifically., if you issue is with a Motherboard or Graphics Card; you will HAVE to cite the AIB Partner as whom you have a Dispute with (Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, PowerColor, XFX, Sapphire, etc.)

Now in regards to RMA (Return to Manufacturer)., it's actually the legal obligation of the Retail Store to offer a Return & Replacement (within the UK and EU) if the Product is still within a specific Purchase Period.

The minimum legal requirement is 28 (Working) Days (Working Days are Mon-Fri., meaning this is approx. 5 Weeks) but generally speaking for Non-Perishable Goods; up to 6 months is offered unless there is obvious Consumer-Related Damage or the Warranty Sticker has been Voided. 

This as a note is why the Warranty Sticker exists within the UK / EU Products to prevent Self-Repair... this isn't to strictly stop your from Self-Repair of a Product; but doing so acts as a safe guard for Business' to accept Returns of Damage Products where there is no way to know if the Damage Caused was caused by the Consumer. 

By saying look if you OPEN this., then you can no longer have a right to Return & Replace; is a way to protect Business' because as an Assistant Manager at a Retail Store... we essentially take a loss on this policy until we can get a Manufacturer / Supplier to take back said Defective Stock and provide us with either Replacements or the Valuation of the Losses. 

Technically we don't loose directly., as we literally handle it as a Return and Re-Sale but Defective Stock can't be sold; so it sits in the Store as "Potential" Retail Profits and the Shelves end up looking Empty as the Supplier doesn't send new Stock until they see we're running low; and they gauge this by what profits we're sending back to them.

Now it should be noted an Avg. Failure Rate is ~3-5% in Stock., we unfortunately have a product line (FIFO) that I swear is somewhere around 50% Failure Rate... it's AWFUL and I wish we had a different Supplier for USB / iPhone Cables, Chargers, etc. In any case., on a monthly basis I'm dealing with sending back entire boxes of stock our customers are returning because it doesn't work anymore after like a week of use.

Heck my Brother was getting replacements from our Store for a while., until I was like "Look STOP buying that terrible quality stuff... tell me what you need, and I'll get it from a trusted supplier I use!" 

Point is., yeah it's down to the Retailer; if it's within a certain Return Period., and if not; then it'll be down to the Supplier / Manufacturer. Neither of these will be AMD... AMD is an Original Equipment Manufacturer., they supply the Supplier / Manufacturers., and have little to no influence over them.  

 think you guys still didnt understood this , the process of warranty and replacemente was already accepted by AMD the problem was after with the company that should take my product back .

i need my things and i cant keep taking with company problems , i can understand things arent easy due to covid19 but we that paid our things and need them quick shouldnt be on this situations


You keep mentioning that AMD approved the RMA of your GPU card.

You haven't yet posted what GPU card, Make & Model,  you RMAed under Warranty?

Did you purchase the GPU card directly from AMD or from a Retailer?

If your GPU card is a OEM GPU Card (Sapphire, MSI, Asus, XFX, etc) it is up to them to replace your GPU card if applicable. Not AMD. AMD has no control over OEM AMD GPU cards.

If your problem is that it is taking too long to send a replacement that is something you need to take up with the company that made the GPU card not AMD UNLESS you purchased the GPU Card directly from AMD Store?

Also the reason it might be taking so long to replace your GPU Card could be the Manufacturer doesn't have any available at the moment, The pandemic making the RMA process longer than usual,  The Manufacturer has many RMA requests, The Manufacturer RMA department is testing your GPU card to see if it is defective and whether it can be repaired.

If the Manufacturer is going to repair rather than replace your GPU Card then it will take a long time to get it back. Depending on the type of repairs it needs tand then later on to check it before returning it back to you.

Normally if the Manufacturer is unable to replace or repair your defective GPU Card they will issue you a refund of some sort.

So please stop being so vague and you might start getting better answer from everyone.

Otherwise if you don't answer the above questions concerning your GPU card you are just wasting my time.


[quote] think you guys still didnt understood this , the process of warranty and replacemente was already accepted by AMD the problem was after with the company that should take my product back .

i need my things and i cant keep taking with company problems , i can understand things arent easy due to covid19 but we that paid our things and need them quick shouldnt be on this situations[/quote]

You asked for specific information., and you were given an answer that what you seek doesn't exist. 

You were also provided with additional information on WHOM you should be Contacting and/or Making a Formal Complaint about... just because you dislike this answer doesn't mean you get to stomp your feet like a petulant child expecting us (who are Consumers JUST like you, and trying to help out of kindness) to somehow provide some miracle solution.

Okay, so you haven't had your RMA / Replacement Card back yet.
Okay, so you need it for Work.

As harsh as this is going to sound, that isn't actually our Problem.
If this is for Business Purposes AND without a Graphics Card you are unable to do your Business., then the onus is somewhat on you to ensure that there are Low-Cost Replacements that can be Temporarily used so any interruption due to Faulty Hardware (which can happen at any time for any number of reasons) is minimised to continue to be productive. 

It is either that or Budget in a way that you always have the spare income to purchase a replacement., as even IF you get an RMA Card Repaired and Returned; there is no guarantee it won't simply break again within another few weeks / months.

Realistically if a Card or CPU I have requires an RMA., I simply purchase a new one while going through the RMA Process (which can take up to 3 months at times; depending on Time of Year, Number of RMA Requests, etc.) and trust me Manufacturers aren't exactly in a hurry to get you back up and running; as they rarely extend Warranties or if they do it's not by much; nor is it full coverage like the original Warranty.

As such you're better off putting the RMA Card up for Re-Sale to recoup some of your losses.

I've oft had the misfortune of dealing with Customers from certain regions within Europe, and some of you are quite Rude and behave in the most Entitled fashion; often aiming anger at those who have little to nothing to do with whatever you feel your owed.

In fact I distinctly remember a rather unpleasant German who frequented these forums for a while., who was upset that a UK Business had decided to DENY his Refund for a Product (because it wasn't Damaged or Faulty, he simply was bored of it and wanted to trade it in to pay the difference for a Newer Model) ... and he went on some almighty tangent about how in Germany they would've honoured the Return regardless; and that he does it with almost everything he purchases.

Now as another Consumer, this type of individual frustrates me because they're the reason why various Premium remain high on certain products... and I dislike Companies having a reason to to gouge consumers more than they will typically be able to, but what's worse is as a Retail Employee myself; as I can see that behaviour from the other side, where you're stuck with stock you CAN'T sell (as it's pre-owned and open)., you CAN'T Return to Manufacturer., because there's nothing blasted wrong with it... but EU Law states you HAVE to take something back, well that's what a Business has to do. 

While I do believe in Consumer Rights., frankly I'd argue that in various cases now; they've gone too far while ignoring far more importantly elements - in a way that hurts Retailers all for entitled Consumers.

As as a key point here., you're in Europe... you must be to want to begin an ODR. 

Buying On-Line is a Risk., especially as there is a clear time delay due to Postal / Delivery Services against a Physical Store you can walk into and they'll replace on the Spot, Provide Store Credit., or Agree to Reserve (and phone) when Stock is replenished.

If a piece of equipment is THAT important., you make provisions to be without for as little time as possible. 

Years ago., I recall I had a Radeon X1600 Pro that quite literally burst into flames (singed the whole case and motherboard); it ultimately had to be RMA'd as I'd bought it in a Store 200-300 Miles away before I'd moved. In the end I was without that Card for around 3 months... and in the interim I HAD to get myself a "Cheap" GeForce 6200 as a replacement; as it was about all my budget at the time would allow.

It happens sometimes, suck it up buttercup.

i understand a little better the imcompetence now when i see people like you using fóruns to be arrogant and awser like you did .

I am not a kid and i didnt came here to have people like you come here and insult me , if you dont like what you do or have any problem with your work that is on you not on me on any other costumer.

No sir , i dont have to buy 2 pieces of the same equipment just to prevent that who created it didnt do their job right much less when i paid so much for the said equipment .

Stop with the arrogance and with the imcompetence because AMD problem is exactly imcompetence problem , got this email and it is funny because i already awsered and sent a lot of awsers to the case which no one awsered but the problem are never the companies but the "kids"  as you say .

 It has been 25 days since your Warranty claim was approved, and we have
    yet to receive your return part.

    If we do not receive your return in the next 5 days, your RMA will

    If you have already returned your part and are receiving this email in
    error, or you need more time, please send us message at providing your RMA
    reference and the shipping details of the returned part.

    Best Regards,
    AMD Global Customer Care

The incompetence is not AMD but either the Shipper of the AMD part or you.

Obviously AMD is still waiting for the part that you shipped to them and they haven't received it yet.

The email is self explanatory.

Since you obviously don't know what AMD part you sent in for Warranty or it is a State secret to publish the AMD part,  I suggest you contact the shipping company and find out it the package got lost or you put in the wrong Address to AMD.

Did the shipping company verify to you that the part has been delivered and signed for by AMD?



Since Britain left the EU does Britain still follow EU regulations concerning Consumers/Retailers when purchasing product Online or at a physical store in Europe?

I know this off topic but this something I would be interested in knowing for future reference. Thanks


i have contacted AMD multiple times regarding the fact that the company only created problems instead of picking the product .

i cant put the adress wrong because it was AMD who sent me the papers to give to the transporter not me .

yes it is AMD imcompetence when they have the contacts in there and say people didnt contact them


again you are distracting from stating and not answering any direct questions concerning your issue with AMD.


Did the shipping company verify to you that the part has been delivered and signed for by AMD?


the shipping company cant deliver anything if they dont come to pick it .

I said that multiple times in the message sent to AMD support and on the awsers to the warranty case


Listen you need to complain to the Psychic Network about Users who can't read your mind on what you have or haven't done without posting it first here at AMD Forums.

AMD doesn't send the shipper to the User's house to pickup a AMD part. The User is the one responsible in TAKING THE AMD PART TO THE SHIPPER with the AMD Return label and the part boxed for shipping if applicable.


where did i said AMD had to send me the shipper ?

i said the shipper is only creat problems to come and get the package , isnt me during a pandemic time that will go search for them when they have no place 500km around me


How is that AMD's fault or incompetence if you can't deliver the package to the shipper/Delivery company or the shipper/Delivery company can't come to your residence to pick it up?

AMD has NO CONTROL over the shipping/Delivery company and how it does its business.


AMD is imcompetente when i contact them multiple times and they dont awser then send an email saying to contact them if i am having problems or my RMA will get closed


Finally you are clarifying the issue you are having instead of being vague and not answering anything directly.

So, the problem is you are having communication problems in communicating with AMD Warranty in the respect that you have sent several emails to AMD Warranty.

Obviously, for some reason, AMD  Warranty hasn't received your emails that you have sent.

The emails you sent, I am assuming, is regarding that you have no access to take the AMD part to a shipping company physically and you need a shipping company to come to your residence to pick the part up to be shipped to AMD, correct?

If you post your RMA Ticket number maybe one of the Moderators can inquire whether AMD has received any emails from you or not.

Possibly the Moderator can advise AMD Warranty of your situation and extend the RMA process or open a new RMA process until you get your shipping issues resolved.

or offer a solution to your shipping issue.

EDIT: I understand that English is probably not your native language so that might explain some of your replies. Also what country do you reside in?




Any regulations that are legal requirements (i.e. have associative EU Law) prior to September 2019, is effectively also UK Law because of how the 1972 European Communities Act was drafted. 

This will likely change over the coming years., but keep in mind the UK Government always has transition periods deliberately lengthy (typically 5-8 years) specifically so people can prepare and adapt.

Mind with how bitter things are starting to get between the UK and EU Governments., this might not remain the case.

i am not from UK and as far as i saw this is to Netherlands


answered 2 times already since that email and until now i got no answers from the support team , that is why i called them imcompetent and asked for the odr email 

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