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NVIDIA will end 32-bit OS GeForce support this month

For those interested this is a copy and paste from the article.

I find it interesting as you can bet if they do it the rest will follow.

It is an interesting trend we are in, with abandoning support on still supported operation systems.

I would think you could find a happy medium until support ends from MS.

Maybe periodic security updates to the 2D and Video playback parts of the drivers just stop advancing the gaming part on 32 bit.

copy and paste:

NVIDIA recently warned that the end was nigh for GeForce support on 32-bit operating systems, and it has now put dates to that event. It will halt GeForce GPU driver support at the end of April, meaning users will lose access to new GeForce Experience features and game ready updates. Moreover, NVIDIA will end security updates by January 2019, so continuing to use your 32-bit OS with a GeForce card beyond that date could actually put it at risk.

There's probably still a fair few folks using 32-bit versions of Windows or Linux, despite the fact that a 64-bit version of Windows XP was released on October 25th, 2001. I doubt that many of those are gamers, but there's always that person who only plays certain games "and they run just fine so why should I change?"

NVIDIA is killing driver support or both newer GTX cards and Fermi models used on lower-end system. That will affect 32-bit versions of Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Linux and FreeBSD. That means it's probably time for an upgrade, unless you're playing games in a cave and not connected to the internet.

Full From Engadget: NVIDIA will end 32-bit OS GeForce support this month

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Re: NVIDIA will end 32-bit OS GeForce support this month

Deleted my original comment. When I did, it deleted all replies to the comment. Sorry Pokester.

I thought I mentioned that here, I guess not, but kingfish​​ did on this thread : Nvidia is dropping support for 32-bit operating systems​​. I think I must have mentioned it at Nvidia Forum.

Found this interesting statistics from concerning Nvidia dropping 32 bit drivers and how many people still have 32 bit OS operating:

According to Steam hardware survey there are 2.19% of users who continue to use 32-bit Windows. Those 32-bit systems are legacy machines and PCs that have to run old programs or hardware natively. Owners of such computers are hardly interested in the latest GPUs (modern graphics cards may come with more memory than a 32-bit OS can address) or driver features, so the end of support will likely go unnoticed by the vast majority of involved parties. Meanwhile, 2% – 2.2% out of a billion of PCs in use worldwide is 20 – 22 million systems (the actual number will be higher because not all PCs run Steam). Therefore, there definitely will be disgruntled owners of 32-bit PCs running entry-level GPUs released in the recent years and now left without updated driver support for the latest GPUs.

Seems like AMD is going the same route. All of the RX series and VEGA Series GPU cards don't have 32 bit drivers.

Radeon™ RX Vega Series

Radeon™ RX 500 Series​​

​Radeon™ RX 400 Series​​

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