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Adept I

Nvidia Freestyle vs AMD ??? What is the red teams answer to this?

I just switched from an NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super to a Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT and I am loving this new card. I cant help however but to miss some NVIDIA features like Freestyle which is like Reshade but built in to the driver.

I have heard of AMD ProRender in the past. I wish they would implement that into adrenalin.. Does anyone know if AMD has any plans? Peace!

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Big Boss

Re: Nvidia Freestyle vs AMD ??? What is the red teams answer to this?

NVIDIA seems to have more developers working on their software then AMD does.


Re: Nvidia Freestyle vs AMD ??? What is the red teams answer to this?

This... is a bit of a "Difficult" Question to answer.

Now I want to personally preface all of this with., I'm not against Catalyst Control Centre but I do think that the Device Drivers should be developed by a Dedicated Team whose sole purpose is to ensure the Driver allows the Graphics APIs to work and be as feature compatible as possible.

The Control Centre should shift not only to it's own Dedicated Development Team., but also become an Open Project. 

In this regard, this would allow rapid "Community Driven" Fixes for common issues or Fix Proposals. 

I mean an excellent aspect of Open Source Development, is 3rd Parties can Fork the Master Branch... Add Fixes, Features, Improvements, etc. as "Proposals", which the Master Maintainer can then choose to Integrate into the Master Branch that is released to the Public. 

AMD's key issue right now... is they want to become NVIDIA and Intel, rather than compete with them.

Even IF AMD had the same Resources as their Competitors (which frankly isn't going to happen anytime soon)., that still doesn't change that they're a very different Company as a whole.

The result of such nonsense is what we're seeing with the Radeon RX 5000-Series Graphics., which is like a bad joke being played on the AMD Consumers; with the vein hope that this increases AMD's Market Share with Non-AMD Users. 

And the thing is... sure, they might temporarily convince a small number of NVIDIA Consumers to switch; but then they're having to deal with IMO the most Unstable AMD Hardware … and it isn't because Navi is a "Bad" Architecture; it's entirely because the Drivers are frankly garbage right now. 

There's so much ridiculous focus being placed upon making them "Pretty" … who the f**k cares, if the damn thing can't be relied on to do the damn job it was purchase for?! 

You know what people expect out of their Graphics Hardware? That it'll run their Games BETTER than their old Hardware. Simple as that. Everything else is just needless Fluff that's "Nice" to have but not Essential. 

I mean you can say "Oh but NVIDIA have Ansel, Shadowplay, Freestyle, etc." … sure but these features don't work universally. And all of them have 3rd Party Alternatives... they don't NEED to be part of the Drivers., it's just nice and convenient that they are.

That's the point here... the RX 5000-Series ends up looking bad, and leaving those for whom this is likely their 1st AMD Graphics Card with the sentiment "Well, NVIDIA are just better..." 

Why would they then even think about getting the RX 6000-Series? They wouldn't, especially if AMD keeps up with their current Pricing Structure … because well in the case of Mainstream., NVIDIA are actually the "Budget" Option.

That's frankly mind blowing to me. In the entire tenure of Competition between AMD/ATI and NVIDIA... NVIDIA have NEVER been the "Budget" Option for the Mainstream. Yet today, that's what we see. 

And I'd argue that'd be fine if Radeon was rock solid in it's Driver Stability with exceptional Performance. 

But, again that's not what we're seeing... instead we're seeing them just trading blows, like they always have. 

Whoever is current in-charge of RTG / Radeon at AMD., they're doing a HORRIBLE job. 

And people can say "Oh but NVIDIA had far more Resources"... who cares. 

It's not about the Resources you have, but how effectively you're using them; and AMD this Graphics Gen is frankly trying to use them like NVIDIA … who just throws Money and Staff at a Problem to solve it. 

AMD have ALWAYS had the ability to resolve the same issues much more efficiently... because they've always had Developers and Engineers who are a damn sight more passionate and creative than their competitors. 

You know the key issue with Drivers being terrible right now? It's because the Engineering Teams working on them have ZERO idea that there are issues outside of the Lab... because AMD has bugger all communication or interaction between the Support and Engineering "Teams" 

Not to mention AMD hasn't invested anything in a proper QA Team... Microsoft back during it restructuring essentially closed down their QA Team... and look where it's got them. Windows has gone from something where Service Packs and Updates would always SOLVE issues, improve Stability., etc... to today where frankly everyone shudders when they see the Notification "Windows has a pending update..." pop-up. 

Because we have no idea if it's about to brick our entire system.


What concerns me about a post of this nature, is I have no doubt SOMEONE in AMD Management will go "Yeah, why don't we have Reshade like features in our Drivers!" and that'll be another bloody thing that they focus on rather than what they SHOULD be doing; and that's improving the Core Drivers to be Rock-Solid Platforms for the GCN and RDNA Architectures. 

Big Boss

Re: Nvidia Freestyle vs AMD ??? What is the red teams answer to this?

one of the reasons that video cards are expensive is the cost of tapeout which has topped $1 billion lately