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No signal coming from pc to monitors


I was browsing through the Internet the other day when my graphic signal to my monitors suddenly stopped. My Pc didnt shut down but stayed on but no signal returned. I of course restarted my pc then manuelly and hoped the signal would return but it didnt happen. Now after ca. 2 weeks of trying out different things like switching cables and devices in order to check if it is a problem about my monitors (3 lost signal at the exact same time so i kind of doubt that), switching graphic cards (another card worked just fine), switching power supply (didnt change anything) and im very frustrated. Also I did try my gpu in another system (systems), and it seems it works with one but at the same time another friend seemed to have the same problem with my card i had. It is also very strange that this happened out of nothing after 2 years of using the card/pc, though i had some crashes in the past but i guess everybody had. My specs are gpu: radeon rx 5700 challenger cpu: amd ryzen 3600 and a b450 asrock mainboard steel legend and a be quiet pure power 11 700 watt power supply .Now, if anybody has a general idea for what might be the problem here please tell me i would be very grateful.

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