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Journeyman III

Nito+ 6800xt - New to AMD - Please Help if you can

Wasn't sure where to post this question.

So I just installed my first ever AMD video card so I'm not familiar with these at all. Played a little Cyberpunk and a little Doom Eternal and was pretty impressed. Running really smooth and looking great.

Then I went to run a really old game and it won't launch. The screen goes white, goes black, then shows my desktop shrunk into the upper left 1/4 corner of my 4k screen, then just drops back to the desktop. No error msg or anything pops up. I'm guessing the upper left corner is because I have the game configured to 1080p as it's not optimized for 4k screens. Interface elements are all too small to read at 4k. I did try removing the config files to see if there was something in there causing a problem but then it doesn't even get far enough trying to load to re-write them.

I've tried toggling various settings in the amd driver software to see if some particular feature was causing a problem. Once again, no luck. This game was already configured to run in win xp compatibility mode but I tried every toggling every compatibility setting in my current win 10, with no luck.

My prior card was an rtx 2070. I used DDU in safe mode prior to installing the new card. Other games seem to be running great. But this old game, Massive Assault Network 2 (very old), simply won't start. Unfortunately it's like my comfort food. I've been playing it for years just when I want to relax. I'm not willing to give it up but I hate to have to move another pc into my game room just for this one game. I will if I have to but it'll be a bit of a logistical pain.

Does anyone here have any ideas? Anyone have trouble running old games on AMD cards and found a workaround for their particular issue I might try?

TIA for any ideas you might be willing to share. I really don't want to have to set up another pc in here just for one game.

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Journeyman III

Re: Nito+ 6800xt - New to AMD - Please Help if you can

I was pretty certain this was a driver issue but just to be certain I uninstalled the AMD drivers and let windows install a basic driver. It installed, if I remember correctly, a "Microsoft basic video driver", as reported in device manager.

Tried my old game and it started right up. Ran really crappy on that driver but it ran. I played through a game. About an hr I think. No issues other than performance.

So it's definitely the AMD driver. Are there any driver alternatives for Win10 other than AMD? What a pain in the *** this is.

I also tried installing the WHQL drivers from December. No luck there.

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