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Journeyman III

New Ryzen build freezing randomly

So I don't quite know what the problem is here hence why I am posting here, but anyways here's the problem. So back in November, I built a new computer. Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700x.

Mobo: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite.

GPU: Sapphire RX 5700XT Nitro+.

RAM: Corsair Vengence RGB 16GB 3200MHz.

Cooler: H100i RGB Platinum.

Storage: 1TB m.2 adata xpg sx8200 pro + 2x2TB Seagate HDD @ 7200rpm.

Power supply: Corsair 650w.

Recently, my build has been randomly freezing causing my whole system to just stop working but audio will still play from my speakers. This can be easily solved with a restart and it goes back to normal. I have not overcloked my CPU or GPU either.

If anyone can help, that'll be great. If you need more info, just ask.


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Adept II

Hello there!

I am no expert, but there might several reasons, that might be causing this.

You might firstly want to check your motherboard BIOS version on the Gigabyte website. Your best bet would be to contact the motherboard support, explain your problem and post your specs and then ask them which BIOS version would be the best for your system. In my experience the very latest BIOS might not be the best all the time. So, contact them and see what would they recommend you.

Then check your CPU and GPU drivers, or if you have any difficulties with that better contact their respective support team.

RAM might also be a problem. I had a freezing with my computer, after changing RAM and in my case it turned that my specific RAM model is not compatible with my system. So, for ram check your model with the motherboard and cpu website pages for supported ram. You should also check Corsair's page and see if your ram model is on their list of compatible ram with your system.

Another thing, that might be causing problems is corrupted files, third party program, that do not work well with your operating system, system errors - in that case, you might want to contact your OS support.

If after checking all the above nothing works, then maybe a drive might faulty, in which case also contact their support team, so they can help you properly and safely check that too.

Finally, PSU might be faulty. Also some usb devices might be interfering with windows, which is supposedly being fixed by Microsoft.

I can't really guide you much, but as I mentioned you better contact the corresponding support team for your computer parts, because (in most cases) they will help you the best. At least that is my experience.

I hope the problem turns out to be easier to fix.


Thanks, I'll take a look. Pretty sure my power supply and RAM are compatible as I checked that before hand. Pretty sure there's no corrupted files too so I'm guessing it's either a problem with the Radeon drivers or my bios.

Adept II

I meant that the power supply might be faulty, although that can only be checked by someone knowledgeable about these things, meaning you might have to bring it to a computer shop, where it can be checked.

But I guess that should be your last resort, in case everything else turns out to work properly, but the problem being persistent.

Yes, check the BIOS and drivers and if there's nothing you can do yourself, then contact the corresponding support teams.

I had a relatively good experience with contacting support for my computer parts. And I've learned some things along the process, including how to better care and troubleshoot my system.

Good luck!

Adept II

You didn't mention one of the more common things you do in case your system freezes, did you make sure all the drivers are up to date? I don't like to assume but you didn't mention it and I would do that before doing anything else.


Oh yeah, sorry I forgot. All my driver's are definitely up to date.