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Adept I

My pc dont working properly after windows update

So, i recently updated my pc because i dont really like updating every minute there is a new update for something, so i updated everything the windows update, chipset driver, and gpu drivers and after everything was done and i restarted the pc, my pc freeze up on the windows login screen so i looked if there was a new bios update to see if there was to see if it fixed my problem and there was a new bios update so i installed and didnt fix the problem so i thought probably just one of the driver got install bad, so idecided to do a fresh window install to see if that worked, it worked for the initial part to set up the pc, so i everything again but i let one thing install one at a time, i installed everything before restarting the pc and there were i went wrong to try to diagnose the problem, so after all everything (new windows and updates) the problem was still there but i let it run to see if it gave me a error code and windows gave me DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and i search what that meant and idk what it really meant but i decided to do everything again but take my time, so i reinstalled windows again and run it without updating anything and it run without any errors, so i did windows update and restarted the pc and used the pc for 10 minutes and no errors, so i updated the chipset drivers and restart and no error, so i installed the gpu drivers and restart and that's were the problem was, so i used DDU and the pc was working after uninstalling the new drivers, so i was probably thinking my gpu doesnt like the new driver ( i have a 7900xtx from sapphire) and i was running the 23.1.2 before the updates, i tried to install the 23.1.2 ver driver and i got the same problem and i tried the older drivers 23.1.1 & 22.12.2 and got the same thing but for same reason the launch driver 22.12.1 kinda work, i say that because in device manger the driver say 12/13/22 so i assume the driver is in the pc but in task manger the pc doesnt show any info like driver ver, driver date, direct x version, and etc, so idk what to do because i send a message through the customer support but i havent got a email back, i will probably send a message again on monday if dont get a reply back, but i was wondering if anyone is or has had the same problem



Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X670E

Cpu: Ryzen 7900x

Ram: Trident z 6000Mhz 16GB x 2

GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 7900 XTX


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Journeyman III

I also want to know more about this. Its really bad for me.