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Journeyman III

Pc crash instantly when running furmark/3dmark

I've been having an issue where my pc crashes randomly or whenever I alt tab in between games.

I ran some benchmark(furmark/3dmark timespy) which resulted in pc instantly crashing right away while heavensbench seems to have no problem at all(ultra full screen).

What I noticed was I hear a coil whining noise coming from the gpu when running from time to time and a click noise when my pc crash from stress test.

Other test I've done:



Also reinstalled windows 2 times, downloaded gpu driver 3 times using DDU/AMD Cleaning utility 3 times.

CPU: 13600kf

Gpu: asrock 6950xt oc formula

PSU: Enermax Revolution DF 850W - 80 PLUS Gold Certified PSU, Full-Modular Power Supply, 135mm Silent Fan, Black Flat Cable, ATX Compact 160mm Size, 7 Year Warranty

MB: z690 pg riptide 

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Try running OCCT CPU, GPU, & PSU stress tests while keeping an eye on PSU Outputs, CPU & GPU Temps, Fan speeds, and for anything abnormal.

Furmark puts a lot more stress than other stress testing software in its stress tests of GPUs which may cause it to overheat during the test. This I have read in several websites about Furmark. But possibly Furmark has updated the software to avoid this type of action.

OCCT PSU Stress Test will indicate if you have a power or temperature issue by the PSU Outputs during the stress  tests and whether your PC crashes or the test fails.

The PSU Stress test runs both the CPU & GPU Stress tests at the same time putting maximum stress on the PSU.

Adept II

The problem is caused by the Enermax Revolution DF 850 power supply not being able to handle the high transient loads by the GPU when running Furmark. You will need to upgrade the power supply or not use programs like Furmark which pull way more wattage than most normal applications.