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Microsoft admits Windows 10 didn't overtake Windows 7 when it originally claimed

Note: Nowhere did they include the people who installed Win10 and then deleted it..just saying

" If you want to know how well Windows 10 is doing in terms of share, you have a number of choices. You can view the figures from StatCounter, which show Windows 10 now ahead of Windows 7, or you can view the figures from NetMarketShare, which show Windows 7 still comfortably in the lead.

You can also look at the figures from Steam, which show the gamer’s perspective, but recently that has been skewed with a large influx of Chinese gamers using Windows 7. Microsoft used to offer its own figures, but stopped updating those in February 2017. However, after a year, it has finally updated its Windows trends page once more, providing an up to date breakdown of Windows market share."

" The latest Windows trends figures go from February 2017 to February 2018, and in that first month show Windows 10 on 39 percent share, with Windows 7 on 45 percent. That seems fair, although the numbers aren’t the same as they used to be. When they were last updated, in February 2017, Windows 10 had 46 percent share and Windows 7 39 percent. So there’s obviously been some adjustment going on.

It’s no surprise that those original numbers were probably inaccurate, as Microsoft had Windows 10 overtaking Windows 7 back in 2016, and that clearly never happened.

Anyway, moving on, Microsoft’s new figures show Windows 10 reaching parity with Windows 7 in August 2017 (43 percent each), and overtaking it in October.

The latest numbers, for February 2018, have Windows 10 on 48 percent and Windows 7 on 39 percent, giving the new OS a sizable 9 percent lead.

Unlike StatCounter and NetMarketShare’s figures, the Windows trends numbers only include Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. There’s no mention of XP or Vista, although that’s to be expected. Windows 8.x currently has 13 percent share."

Article: Microsoft admits Windows 10 didn't overtake Windows 7 when it originally claimed

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Don't forget Steam's numbers


I have screenshots of Steam galore and recent ones show windows 10 x64 is well represented

recent traffic on my site is more mobile than desktop lately, go figure


Those are steam visitor numbers not representing the global OS market share but still Win10 is roughly half of Win7

Operating system market share

I like Win10 as it is working much smoother than Win7 especially with UHD resolutions/monitors. However, I dislike the forced adverts in the MS Games section and I have paid for Win10 - not the free upgrade version!  Other than that Win10 is far superior to Win7 but since it's spyware I have it only on my gaming machine.


What is this "MS Games section"


It's the Win10 games Solitair/Mahjong - which show adverts



Oh those games, I thought you were talking about the XBOX Games Explorer.


Thanks for the share. I just can't wait for the new spring update, to see how much grief MS can bring my life this time. It's such a joy to sit down and troubleshoot instead of being productive. On the flip side if it were not for MS 90% of my peers wouldn't have jobs.