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Journeyman III

It seems, that good AMD CPUs have no basic video output and those that do, suffer a compromised CPU

Are there not ANY Ryzen CPUs that handle basic video output, just enough to play back video at various resolutions, without compromising the CPU?

Like a 5600X, that doesn't need to double the system's power draw with a dedicated GPU, just to show a desktop and maybe play some video?

Why offer only APUs, when they are so fat on the video side, that the APUs are all compromised, because they dedicate too much of the dye to the integrated GPU, that at the same time is never quite good enough to forgo a separate GPU for anything demanding?

If there aren't, Couldn't AMD make at least one for each line that has light weight video output?  Intel has been doing pretty well with including basic video output, and whether you buy with video out or without, their CPU is not crippled.

For many systems its good practice to skip a dedicated GPU board, because of weight and power requirements that are overkill for basic needs.  I think its a competitive gap in AMD's line-up?

How can we build a useful 2-3 liter AMD ITX machine, without being forced to either use a weak APU that lacks the processing oomph that draws people to AMD in the first place, or else or be forced to waste an ITX boards' only PCIE slot on a GPU, while making it nearly twice as big and heavy?

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Due probably to limited supply, AMD chose to release Renoir on the desktop only to OEM's.  There are 8-core APU's in that lineup.

Perhaps they'll do better with Cezanne on the desktop.