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Journeyman III

Issue regarding alleged Official AMD distributors in Bangladesh

Hello there Some people are false advertising that they are official distributors of AMD and selling processors and GPUs with that marketing title while their name is not registered on the official AMD website, they even faked an email to hide the truth. I will attach the fake email which contradicts the information on below.
    The faked email:

Here is a real email with a proper format, notice how different they look in terms of format:

They have been claiming that they are official distributors since the year 2018, but the distributor list is quarterly updated, how is it that this has not been fixed over 8 QUARTERS while it is said to be updated quarterly unless of course, their (the shop's)
claim is absolutely rubbish.



They are using false advertising methods to sell products that infringe AMD's trademark policy. These violations, if investigated, will only result in hurting AMD's market reputation. They are also creating hate against other retailers here by advertising that only they are "Official AMD Distributors" and everyone else is providing "fake" and "non-channel" products. This is really making the AMD CPU market toxic here, and people are struggling with purchases. This shop also accuses other retailers of giving "non-official" warranty which is rubbish. Please let me know if there are any REAL official AMD distributors, through a detailed inspection if possible, in Bangladesh because the AMD website says otherwise. I will also post proof of their false advertisements below:

If they are forging their claim, then actions should be taken against them. Looking forward to your response. 

Links to the shop claiming the false statement:


2 Replies

So far everything I have read on the internet concerning UCC-BD is that they are ACTING as a authorized dealer in Bangladesh:

1- DDIExpo-2019 - Exhibitors - Digital Device & Innovation Expo-2019 


3-About UCC 

So I believe you are correct if UCC-BD is specifically saying that they are the EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL AMD DISTRIBUTOR IN BANGLADESH as being misrepresented in advertising their products.

IF AMD Moderators feel this is something that should be looked into they will notify the appropriate AMD Department to check it out.

EDIT: Most likely AMD is aware of UCC-BD claims since they are a large electronics company in Bangladesh. So, in my opinion, if AMD hasn't acted by now is probably for internal or legal reasons. Possibly in some manner UCC-BD is an Authorized AMD Distributor in Bangladesh even if it doesn't show up in AMD Website as Bangladesh not having any AMD Authorized Distributors.

Journeyman III

I have been wondering this for a long time too! They were calling the chines box cpu's  bad. Saying they would overheat more and claimed others won't give warranty. Now they are selling china box ryzens and that ucc shill group AREB(amd ryzen enthusiasts bangladesh) used to support UCC, now that they are gone can't even call em out. Hope an AMD mod looks into this