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Journeyman III

is AMD software auto overclocking your CPU?

I'm using 7900X and with 7900XT, I'm try different setting combination (CPU + GPU) and doing some benchmark.

However, even I set "Eco mode 65W" in Bios, when I run cinebench R23 , my cpu still keep boosting push to 95C, and this has not been happened before (when I use EVGA 1080)

I think the AMD software did affected my Bios setting especially for Eco Mode. I'm not sure if it has affected all the other mode like "Enhancement".

Since the AMD software is necessary for my GPU, how can I get rid of it overwriting my CPU setting in BIOS?

Thanks all.

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In the Adrenalin software at Settings > Performance > Tuning, near the top there should be a CPU Tuning Control area.  Is the Default option set or is it set to Automatic Tuning?  Default should turn that off.

Volunteer Moderator

Since the driver installation have you tried clearing the CMOS and reconfiguring your BIOS? Also here is a link to all the information needed for troubleshooting purposes.

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What cooler are you running, just even on a half decent AIO these 7000 CPUs will run hot, by design AMD push the CPU depending on thermal head room, with a target 95°C as long as the power allows it pretty much,.


Might be other factors at play but its nothing to worry about seeing 95° especially when testing.