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Journeyman III

Invalid serial number format when filing for RMA?

I keep on entering my serial number for my Ryzen 7 2700 and it keeps saying invalid format when I am entering the correct 13 digit serial number. Is the RMA bugged?

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Adept I

I just did a RMA of my 2700x and it went through fine. Though this reply is months later I figured it'd put the information out there. My problem is getting the status of said RMA. I believe the language barrier is what's causing this, which I don't understand because they are using auto generated emails (so figuring out the correct language shouldn't be an issue). B

Did you get your RMA to go through? How long did it take?

if someone else comes across this just getting the # directly from the top of the processor worked fine. Maybe you need to make sure you check the correct version? Processor in a box etc? 


Here is AMD WARRANTY REQUEST online : AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD 

From AMD Warranty Request on how to correctly fill out the RMA form: