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Intel Tiger Lake Xe iGPU beats AMD Renoir iGPU in Timespy...Badly (TomsHardware)

And this is where AMD is paying the price for having Navi be so far behind schedule that they couldn't include it in Renoir, and I think it shows how fast Intel is progressing with Xe. Granted when AMD releases the 5000 series APUs they will -hopefully- include RDNA2 iGPUs which should be much faster than the antique Vega iGPUs in Renoir, Intel may be able to counter with an iGPU as powerful as that as well.

If anything this needs to serve as a wake up call to Lisa Su and Rick Bergman that RTG needs to be THE top priority right now, because it does appear the GPU space will become a three horse race sooner rather than later. They need to take millions of dollars and expand their software R&D and QC immediately so that not only currently "supported" cards are stable and perform to the best of their silicon, but when RDNA2 hits shelves in 3-4 months they have as stable and great of a performance as possible on day one, not this chasing major bugs after a year issue they are having with Navi. They need to improve their reference edition products to such a degree that they impose higher quality standards on the AIBs so that AMD partner media reviews sites do not bash AIB custom cards as hot, loud, and expensive. They need to rebuild Radeon reputation from "cheap alternative" to "quality competitor".