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Adept I

Im tired with AMD

with this, I'm gladly saying that AMD driver had so many problems and the TEAM doesn't have any responsibility for the problem. We had to search on many websites, forums, blogs. Tried many ways, many times to install uninstall, failed, and failed with it.

I'm so tired and disappointed as a customer and will never suggest anyone buy any AMD-related product.

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Adept II

Hi!... What problem did you have? Are you referring to the AMD drivers on the motherboard? Could you give more details about your problem to see if we can help you ... I recently had problems with the latest AMD drivers (it caused me to stutter in video games), but I came back to the previous ones and everything was fixed ... sometimes it costs but in most cases you can find the stability of the system


AMD in drivers is garbage. I'm tired.

Since June I've been facing black screen and everything happens in a simple task, Spotify, YouTube, Browser. If you are playing everything ok.

To have a stable system I have to install the driver from Windows Update.

U gave zero info on what product u have problem with and what rig u are using,u should post that first ,

if it is gpu driver then do a clean install (complete clean) that is a option in driver itself.


Or use DDU then find drivers 

dll and install.


Not applicable

As long as you are not playing a demanding game, the Microsoft AMD graphics driver is sufficient. There are bigger problems with the integrated graphics. Actually, only a change to a different brand will help. Unfortunately at the moment the prices are sky high, the upper middle class graphics cards already cost almost as much as motherboard, CPU and RAM combined.