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Journeyman III

Hp Omen 15 running slow

My computer suddenly becomes extremely slow, sounds distorted. Why is this happening?

This is the result of LatencyMon, what should I do?



Ryzen 7 5800H - RTX 3060


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What sound system does this machine have?  Is it Realtek?

That 5800H with a 3060 should be blistering fast.  

I have a MSI BRAVO 4600H with the 5500M and it rocks.

Now to your problem.  I had the option to get the MSI BRAVO 4800H but research steered me away from it due to overheating.  The 8 core 16 threads when under a load would get pretty warm.  Have you run any monitor to watch the temps.  It acts as if it is throttling.

The reason I asked about the sound system is that I've had severe problems with Realtek drivers and updates that seem to want to fight with other drivers.  This is mainly in my desktops, so I just install SoundBlaster cards in all of my desktops then disable that cheap crap in the BIOS.  That is my one fault with MSI using sub standard components in all of their boards, even the MEG series.  Anyway, once I installed the Sound Blaster card and disable on board audio the problems went away.  Even the ethernet drivers would screw up my Intel wi-fi drivers.  I know a lot of the motherboard manufacturers use Realtek for sound and ethernet and I personally think they cause a lot of other problems as well.  Since I don't use ethernet anymore I just disable it in the BIOS also.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

It has a Realtek sound card. There is no problem with the temperature values. Something that happens suddenly. It doesn't matter if it's loaded or not.

Do you have a solution suggestion?