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Journeyman III

how to reset the phone number while in registration process ?

Hi !

I just registered at to pick up my rx 580 games. 

I put my emailadress in, clicked the link in the email i received afterwards - then i was asked to put a phone number in. 

I did, but i did a mistake. Two numbers are turned. 

What now ?

I cant access my profile cause of this double "registration datamining stuff" i am forced to do.

Therefore i cant change the number, therefore i cant receive the sms message of this double registration datamining stuff you force us into and get this games.

Ideas ?

Thank you in Advance


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Adept II

sign up a new account with a phone from a relative or something. its pretty lame they do this stuff. If its RE2 you want you might not get it either for a little bit.

you'd want to contact the support on the amdrewards site otherwise but the site says could be 72 hours before reply thanks to high volume.