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Journeyman III

How to create selector (or plugin) to access TdxBarButton that sits on TdxBar - for RPA-automation?

I am trying to automate Delphi 6 application that uses DevExpress components, specifically TdxBar and TdxBarButtons that are available on popup menus. I am using OpenVPN, where I am using the 'Get Element' activity. It has 'Open selector' tools which allow one to select any Windows UI (and other) elements from any visible program. The 'Open selector' tool is very handy, but my application has a TdxBar component with the something-like-buttons which open (popup)-menus which in turn have TdxBarButtons, and the 'Open selector' sees the entire TdxBar component as one element, it can not select separate parts of TdxBar and it doesn't see the components which act as active elements to open a popup menu.

So - how to create a selector for TdxBar subcomponents or even for TdxBarButtons that are revealed from TdxBar menu dialogs?

Maybe I can write some OpenRPA plugin that receives some Windows area and that explores further this area and finds Windows areas that are ignored by the standard OpenRA tools?

How other suites (commercial RPA automation suites) is dealing with TdxBar and TdxBarButton?

I guess, that the best practice today is to develop programs than can be automated (one is advised to ship only products that are tested and can be tested by RPA-automation tools).

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