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Journeyman III

How do I change the temperature settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

This is within the software, when you look at the performance graphs and the overlay on your screen. Everything is Celsius


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That's because in computers, safe and dangerous temperature ranges are defined in centigrade, so there is absolutely no reason to use Fahrenheit.

Maybe where you live but I see no need to use the Celsius scale, here in America, where no one here uses it except as a number displayed right along side the Fahrenheit numbers.  People use the scale they are accustomed, to determine (mostly), if something is normal or out of spec/scale and if so, by how much.  Assuming that the scale YOU use means MORE than what someone in another part of the world uses is both useless and arrogant.  Almost all software that assumes Celsius is the default scale to use, at least, gives us the ability to change it to one we are more comfortable/familiar with.  Leaving out that feature alienates your audience and is like writing an owner's or user's manual and failing to include translations to the most widely used languages.

I agree.  I have seen other computer system software respect language and cultural differences regarding Measurement Systems.  An option to represent temperatures in the Fahrenheit scale rather than centigrade would take a tiny bit of entirely stable code.  However, if the Adrenaline versions for Windows 10 were built effectively they would first follow the Measurement System choice set in Windows 10, system settings and provide Fahrenheit scale if set to "US" and centigrade if set to "Metric". 

Customize Format dialog box

While I agree it would be nice to have the option for those that don't want to use what is actually, the much easier to use metric system.

I am not sure you are speaking for all of America.


Only 3 countries in the world use Imperial measurement as a default, USA, Myanmar, and Liberia.

As you can see NO other major country. I am an Engineer, I have a good friend who is an architect and my wife is a surveyor. All of those today, right here in the USA measure with the metric system then provide conversions to Imperial as needed. However all three of us often convert the original metric number into Imperial for users down the line to use such as the contractors / design & build. So it is a big mix of both but hardly all vs the other. It has been this way for decades at this point. Some countries like us and the U.K. are a bit stuck in the middle with some things being measured one way more prevalently than the other. 

I don't think that black_zion‌ was inserting in any way that it ,or you, or anything is dumb for using Imperial measurement just that in computer circles, that most computer specs are in Metric and have been for about 30 years now. 

Again I agree it would be nice to have the option to simple use pull down menu to allow for personal preference. 

Options are alway great things!

One thing is for certain and while those who prefer Imperial because it is what they know. Metric is easier, much easier. Plus it is capable far more exact measurement. 

Until it is adopted, fully, it is callous to impose a standard on others.  Again, it's like requiring ALL countries to use English, just because we do.  No, in America, we embrace other cultures, and we HAVE adopted the Metric System, where it makes sense.  There is NO advantage to using Kilometers instead of Miles, Meters over Yards, or Centimeters over Inches, just because someone else wants us too or thinks they have a better way.  Our system has been in use and has been well established in our culture.  It may make sense use the Metric System when using beakers and test tubes, but there is a reason for the Imperial System.  It was invented as a system that ordinary people could readily understand and use, WITHOUT special equipment.  That makes sense too.

The inch is roughly the length of 1 segment of your index finger, King Henry I of England fixed the yard as the distance from his nose to the thumb of his out-stretched arm. However, the Yard originated in the Roman mille passuum, a thousand paces, or more precisely, a thousand strides.  Each pace consisted of five Roman feet, giving us a mile of 5,000 feet. Since the Roman foot (the pes) was smaller than today's foot, the Roman mile was about nine-tenths the length of our mile today.

So, you see, they were trying to so the same thing as the Metric System, it's just easier at this point.  Using this system, people didn't NEED to have a measuring device to determine distance, and people from all walks of life, from the rich and famous to lowly commoners could use the system without any formal training.  Science is VERY precise and disciplined, so the Metric System makes more sense there.  Regardless, we still use the Imperial System in America.  Until that is no longer true ... get over it.

I don't think anyone is really imposing anything on anyone. It is a measurement that is easily converted if not by a preference in an application, by countless other applications or with a search in your browser or today even asking Alexa etc....

Industries and businesses who deal with international trade have to use metric measurements because the rest of the world does. So US business in general already uses it. Plus as already noted pretty much all businesses where exacting measurement is required today uses Metric. 

It seems the general population of the US will resist forever. Being isolated in the world doesn’t seem to bother a chunk of all Americans. 

If you built anything today by those ancient standards you gave you would have a huge failure rate in building and nothing would line up. So not really relevant but I get where you were going. 

Lastly I don't have to get over anything as I don't have a problem with either system. Use whatever you wan't. You are the one that has some huge chip on your shoulder over people just trying to help you. Frankly the only place the things you have said are valid is in your own mind trying to prove relevance to a moot point that the world has long since moved on from. 

Obviously you have no interest in help from the community so as I advised before, talk to AMD: 


English is the 3rd most prevalent language and a distant one to the top 2, Spanish number 2 and Mandarin Chinese number 1. 

Second no idea what 2-6 is and it's relevance beyond a sell serving rant. 

These are USER HELPING USER forums not help from AMD. @black_zion is one of the most helpful people in these forums and I have never seen this user be mean to anyone. For some reason you have taken it this way when it is not. None of us have the ability to change software features. We are not AMD employees. 

Your behavior and now attack on another user is uncalled for, and most definitely agains forum rules.  amdmatt‌  ray_m  please moderate this thread. 

What is not normal is your behavior toward another human being who was only trying to help you, and you for some reason took it as some attack on yourself and America as a whole. 

I am not even sure if there is not a way to change it in the software. A lot has changed in the 2020 version, and I still use the 2019 interface. 

You could ask AMD supports actual AMD employees here: 


I haven't attacked ANYONE.  I am debating the case.  I think YOU are the one taking offense and arguing.  Nothing I have said here was meant in any mean way, nor was I condescending.  I think you need to check YOUR attitude.  We should ALL be adults here.  If you can't intelligently discuss topics, maybe you should step back for a while or reread my messages with NEW eyes.

The ONLY person I am feeling attacked by is YOU.  My QUESTION was about why the ability to change the format to monitor temperatures that "I use on a daily basis" was taken away.  Are you suggesting that "I am NOT WORTHY" of an opinion, or that the preferred way to monitor something is somehow antagonistic ???  How ridiculous and childish.  I will not argue with you any longer on whatever your triggering mechanism is.  I came here for an answer, and to add support for the system of measurement "I" use.  The Celsius scale means nothing to me.

I would think the vendor would want to play to their CUSTOMERS, rather than lose them.  Surely, the code difference is negligible.  I coded for over 20 years, and the effort would have take a few lines of code and maybe about 20 minutes of time to write the subroutine.  Is it too much to ask for a CUSTOMER to ask for a little consideration ???

I have supported AMD exclusively for graphics products for over 40 years.  I am a custom system builder, perform remote network, server and workstation monitoring and repair, am an MCSE, have been a Network Engineer for over 22 years and was a programmer for over 20+ years.  In all those years (since 1982), I turned 1,000's of my customers away from using alternative graphics adapters.  If it is NOT ALLOWED for a customer to ask a question, maybe I should rethink my dislike for NVidia.!!!


Really because you were speaking illy of another user before I posted anything. Nobody removed your right to an opinion. You go upset when I posed another. Not vice versa. I went out of my way to explain why that is the case.

Nobody not me or any other person tried to remover your right to get the simple code inserted.

No it is not too much to ask AMD for feature request. They even have links to that and often have surveys for it. As I already and very politely stated, we are users not AMD employees and I gave you the link of whom to contact. Here it is for you again: 

Nobody ever said you can't ask questions again something you read into what was said that was never said.

I am sorry you don't see the tone of what you wrote as problematic. 

All of the things you are attributing as what I have said were never said or innuendoed. How you got there, only you have a clue to that. 

All I know is you have now once again crossed a line of calling other users names which is against forum rules.   

amdmatt  ray_m  please moderate this thread.amdmatt

As they say you can't please everyone. 


Wow nobody is harassing you and I am super glad to let you go. If you can't see the tone in how your talking to people there is nothing I can do to change that not matter how politely I try to explain it to you. 

I hope you take the advice and contact AMD: 

As I said to begin with I absolutely agree with you and even said that, twice: 

Saying: "Again I agree it would be nice to have the option to simple use pull down menu to allow for personal preference. 

Options are alway great things!"

And you take offense to it and somehow I harassed you and don't allow your opinion. Nobody did that at all. 

You however didn't say anything wrong like literally saying that one is inhuman for using the Metric system. 

That using the metric system means you are not normal. 

Claimed I am not an adult. 

Etc... all things you actually said not what I insinuated. That is why I added a moderator as it is agains forum rules. 

I made zero such comments to you only what you read into them that was not said nor implied and definitely not intended I can assure you. 

So if you feel harassed I am truly sorry for that and it by no means was an intention. I choose my words very carefully as to never do that. 

I have no need to continue this further as I have no doubt it would have no impact on you whatsoever. I do hope you find the help you need. 


It's your interpretation, man.  I NEVER said anyone was inhuman, you ACTED like we were.  Are you THAT immature that you can't LET someone have an opinion ???

YOU said, "English is the 3rd most prevalent language and a distant one to the top 2", implying the either English was inferior to the others 2 or didn't DESERVE to be treated with ANY reverence.  That's a rather quaint position to take.  I'll have you know, English is the most spoken language in the world, with nearly 1.13 billion speakers (of whom about 379 million speak it natively).

YOU said, "What is not normal is your behavior toward another human being who was only trying to help you".  I never attacked him, I agreed to a fricking question that was being asked, not related to him at all, and I was NOT asking him, only responding to the logic he used.  In fact, I withheld expanding my comments to anything OTHER than my argument.  So, it's NOT normal to actually debate an opinion that you disagree with ???  We are ONLY allowed to agree with you or YOUR friends now ???  You ONLY ALLOW your OWN opinions or those of your friends, NEVER opposing ones ???  Everyone else is subhuman, and not entitled to speak ???

What I gave you AND him was MY OPINION, and NOTHING you say will MAKE ME SHUT UP, just because you want me to or ORDER me to.  I will CONTINUE to express myself as OFTEN as I LIKE !!!

Yes, I said, " it's just NOT NORMAL", and I was referring to people in the United States, the largest economy in the WORLD, and 1 that USES the Imperial System of measurement ... by a LONG shot !!!  Let me repeat myself, the Imperial System IS the one WE use here, for MOST things !!!  Just because scientists and engineers use the Metric System, which I ALREADY agreed, IS more useful for THOSE purposes, doesn't mean the rest of us HAVE to adopt it, which is especially pointed out and evidenced in the NON-ADOPTION we have given it over the past 50 years.

Black_zion said, "there is absolutely no reason to use Fahrenheit"  I disagreed and stated my view, MY VIEW !!!  Black_zion's response was, in itself, was attacking the original question, made by "mrjman", a question which "I" did NOT ask, but agreed with.  So, there are at least TWO (2, II, to, too, tu ...) people in this world that feel this way.  However, I never responded to attack him, but just to show that others feels the way the originator did, and why.  ONLY YOU, as well as people who can't stand to have ANYONE ELSE'S OPINION be different from theirs, INSIST that others shut up "OR BE SILENCED BY THE MODERATOR".  You DON"T get to DEMAND how we think, and you will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER make me think like you.  I allow for different opinions.  I just won't swallow them because I am TOLD TO !!!


I never tried to make you shut up or restrict your opinion or any of the like. What you said is in black and white above and is fact not implied fiction as what you say about what I said. All of what you said is read into what you think what was said means. Just like how the whole thing began. Because you took what another user kindly answered  the wrong way.  I never once told you to shut up or any of the other stuff you said. I love the only thing you can specifically point out I said as something negative is my pointing out you claimed itwasn't normal for anyone not using imperial measurement. You go right on saying whatever you like for as long as you like. I never said anyone has to use metric, again I agreed it would be nice if the software had it. I only pointed out that many do use metric after your claimed that, and I exactly quote what your said "here in America, where no one here uses it".


I would list more of the countless professions that use the metric system here in the USA but it would be pointless. 

There are more total people that speak English in the world because most the worlds countries are bilingual unlike the USA, they speak more than one language. The statistics I gave are for natively spoken language and are 100% correct. Mandarin Chinese by far, over double is spoken natively by more people than English followed by Spanish. 

Native speakers (millions)Language NameMostly Spoken In The Following Countries
935MandarinChina, Taiwan, Singapore
387SpanishHispanic America, Spain, United States, Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara, Pacific islands
365EnglishAustralia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines
295HindiIndia, Fiji, Nepal
280ArabicNorth Africa, Western Asia (Middle East), East Africa
204PortugueseAngola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Timor-Leste
202BengaliBangladesh, West Bengal (India), Tripura (India), Assam (India)
160RussianRussia, former Republics of the Soviet Union, Mongolia, Israel
96PunjabiPunjab region (India, Pakistan)
92GermanAustria, Belgium (Eupen-Malmedy), Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, South Tirol (in Italy)
82JavaneseJava (Indonesia)
80WuZhejiang, Shanghai, southern Jiangsu (eastern China)
77Malay/IndonesianIndonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore
76KoreanNorth Korea, South Korea
76TeluguAndhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry (India)
74FrenchBelgium (Wallonia, Brussels), Canada (particularly Quebec, New Brunswick and Eastern parts of Ontario), France, Switzerland, Francophone Africa, French Caribbean, French Polynesia, various islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
73MarathiMaharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat (India)
70TamilTamil Nadu, Karnataka (India), Puducherry (India), Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius
66UrduIndia, Pakistan
65PersianIran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan
63TurkishTurkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria
59CantoneseGuangdong (Canton), southern Guangxi (southern China), Hong Kong, Macau
59ItalianItaly, Switzerland, San Marino
49GujaratiGujarat (India)
48JinShanxi, parts of Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi (northern China)
47Min NanFujian, eastern part of Guandong (southeastern China), Hainan (southern China), Taiwan, Malaysia
40PolishPoland, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Belarus, western Ukraine, Lithuania
39PashtoAfghanistan, Pakistan
38KannadaKarnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra (India)
38MalayalamKerala, Lakshadweep, Mahé (India)
38SundaneseJava (Indonesia)
38XiangHunan (south central China)
33OriyaOdisha (India)
31HakkaSouthern China
29BhojpuriBihar (India)
28TagalogManila and Northern Philippines
28YorubaNigeria, Benin and Togo
27MaithiliBihar (India)
26SindhiSindh (Pakistan and neighboring areas in India)
26SwahiliKenya, Tanzania, Uganda
24FulaWest and Central Africa, from Senegal to Sudan
24OromoEthiopia and Kenya
24RomanianRomania, Moldova
23AzerbaijaniAzerbaijan and Northern Iran
22AwadhiUttar Pradesh (India)
22GanJiangxi (Southeastern China)
21CebuanoCentral and Southern Philippines
21DutchBelgium (Flanders, Brussels), Netherlands and Suriname
21Kurdish“Kurdistan”, northern Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria
19Serbo-CroatianSerbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro
17NepaliNepal and neighbouring areas, Sikkim, (India)
17SaraikiSindh (Pakistan)
16ChittagonianChittagong in Bangladesh
16SinhaleseSri Lanka
16ZhuangGuangxi (Southern China)
15AssameseAssam (India)
15MadureseMadura, and Java (Indonesia)
15SomaliSomalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Yemen
14HaryanviHaryana (India)
14MagahiBihar (India)
14MarwariRajastan (India and Pakistan)
13HungarianHungary and areas in neighbouring countries
12ChewaMalawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe
12ChhattisgarhiChhattisgarh (India)
12GreekGreece, Cyprus
11AkanGhana, Ivory Coast
11DeccanDeccan (India)
10.9Min BeiFujian (Southestern China)
10.7SylhetiNorthern Bangladesh and neighbouring parts of India
10.4ZuluSouth Africa
10CzechCzech Republic
9.6DhundhariRajastan (India)
9.6Haitian CreoleHaiti
9.5Min DongFujian (Southeaster China)
9.1IlokanoNorthern Luzon in the Philippines
8.9QuechuaPeru and Bolivia
8.8KirundiBurundi and Uganda
8.7SwedishSweden and Finland
8.4HmongLaos and neighbouring areas
8.2HiligaynonWestern Visayas in the Philippines
8.2UyghurXinjiang (Western China)
7.6BalochiBalochistan (province in Pakistan and Iran)
7.6MossiBurkina Faso
7.6XhosaSouth Africa
7.4KonkaniGoa, Karnataka, Maharashtra (States in India)

mayyyyyyyyyybe don't act holier than thou just because somebody doesn't want to use Celsius

Thanks for the feedback, i will pass it along internally. 

Please review the code of conduct before making any additional posts. 

This discussion has served its purpose and will now be locked. 


LOL great non answer.

Interesting, but that is not the question that was asked.


Interesting fact, but that is not the question being asked.


Tc = (Tf -32) *5/9

 Tf = 9/5 * Tc + 32

anybody else with F- in thermodynamics?


  Was that an "F" for Fahrenheit ???  Nice formula but, can you teach my monitoring app to do it. 

Seriously ... Apparently, the programmers can no longer write simple subroutines.  I mean, it's not like it has to run all the time and it's NOT complicated, as you've shown.  In the old method of programming, where everything was located in the same program, it could be checked once when the app starts and once IF and when the user changes the settings, then 1 variable could be set to store which subroutine needs to be run to calculate the number to display, and a 2nd one could store the letter to be displayed ("C" or "F").  Maybe 20 lines of code total (or even less if I wrote it back in the day), and part of it would be code they are already using, just altered a bit.

In modern coding, in the same decision points (at program start and when temperature preferences settings are changed), you could just determine which DLL module to loaded into memory.  Simple.