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    Read This First !



      • Use the Search facility before posting your question. In most cases, your question may have been already answered.


      • Posting a question in the appropriate forum usually gets a faster response. For example, post questions about game issues in the Drivers and Software forum.


      • Provide a brief description of your issue in the summary line. Topic titles such as ‘Help Me Very Urgent!’ do not encourage community participation.


      • Always provide a detailed description of your system specification, the application/game and the steps required to reproduce your issue in the body of the post.  This will help the community to clearly understand your issue and offer better solutions. For more information on what you should include in your post look here.


      • This is a community of users helping each other. Please be respectful and courteous at all times.


      • If you receive a correct or helpful answer, remember to mark that answer as correct or helpful. This will help other users with a similar question