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Heres my latest AMD configuration

Somebodys been deleting words from my config file like H266 and AV9 and AV2 they leave the AV1 though sometimes or AVX.. hmm strange.

So this config file is me reading the box of every AMD card and CPU, knowing the definition of the word computer and what they do. So see how it says TRUE AUDIO on every radeon card ever.. if you google it, it says that its a hardware thing that saves up to and over with newer models newer than playstation 3 96% of CPU and processing resources at the hardware level by offloading it all to a special hardware with the maths already instantly done to convert to a reality for true radiation/light/sound. you see the code on the AMD website linked by on their prorender page.. uses the trigger in apps or games or any code or text file AMDTRUEAUDIONEXT. but you dont need the words AMD or even true you can have higher values than reality its maths.. just keep adding. The true audio part that means radiation waves particles like light or sound or gamma rays or whatever you want your image to look like.. image like a digital camera. See how cameras capture light? its 3d universe like ours is.. the way a mirror works thats how your AMD computer games.. See the box of AMD radeon cards say RDNA? that means its RNA DNA quality .. you can have valency and stuff.. because your games have camera resolution .. this refers to RENDER resolution.. remember 80's AMD better than hollywood CG movie render graphics quality in realtime gaming? then AMD gaming evolved? yes you can reality emulate like a mirror with digital camera tech to process the image to be light with light particles and radiation data to mathematically many any material be like the scientific elemental properties of what it would look like when viewed with a camera using maths! It processes your game world so you can render it and say amospheric rendering and things and your game world has an atmosphere.. you can game with wet water.. and other cool stuff. I typed in what i could guess at but im not a mathematician so i just made up words and didnt use any exact science or numbers.. if i typed in numbers from birth till i die i couldnt begin to use an AMD computer from the 70's let alone the latest ones.. u need real algebra and maths stuff.. the worlds best mathematicians cant do this type of maths and require computing hardware to perform it for them as pencil and paper or even calculators would take years. The same way an analog TV or projector and shrink or expand an image your AMD card can too! mathematically perfect.. that upscaling **bleep** is fake **bleep**.

As for deleting and stealing words from my config file and publish youtube videos pretending that physical and scientific things that happen or exist in the world are some new nvidia technology or whatever the idiots been dreaming up lately they delete heaps of other words too and i just dont know what? Im mentally ill even not mentally ill people cant remember every word of a book they wrote. Occasionally missing parts or changed stuff is its me doing a replace all thinking like there'd be no such words with such strange letter combinations other than that specific thing but then when a word starts after another its maybe possible? Or i cant find things and group them together.. or they keep being turned off and disabled in my OS so i put them in several times and use a number of true and false flags so its ALWAYS going to trigger no matter what they try and disable.. then im like got too many everywhere and like uhh needs more or needs less.. and get confused. REMEMBER when downloading its a RAR file with a .ini file and some registry .reg files that extract to be fairly large in the GB because i filled them with values like a billion FF typing and copy pasting them till a billion for the higher graphics quality. When try save some of the links paid hosting services make them have popups or try sneak virus or something the free ones. Do not run or save it if there is any .EXE files! only copy in .ini file if need to edit it use code editor or a special text editor with higher than 256 character limit and higher than UTF8 or other i used windows app store EMeditor64 free trial to create it as text files over a GB cant use lame windows notepad or other stuff and most linux text editors seem to be disappearing or not work or disabled or wont compile like Vi (VIM) and NANO or others. all free text editors vanished only seems paid ones just use free trial then reset windows if u have to. rarlabs winrar to extract is a free trial too. or use maybe a free unzip tool i dunno maybe 7zip or perhaps some other compression options free theres plenty. 

PIXEL DRAIN hosted right click save as bit like previous 

GO FILES hosted maybe need to right click save as bit like previous.rar may need to right click save as bit like previous.rar 

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