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Journeyman III

GPU core clock drop on Rx560X

Hi there

I just get a brand new laptop and then I play Far Cry 5 (or any other games) and GPU (RX560X) is running at 100% 60-80 C temp (Very normal) but then the core(MHz) has dropped to 50% of it from 1275 MHz to 637 MHz so fps dropped very much too!


I can't play any game right now. It is too lagging. HELP!

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Journeyman III

In wattman, set State 7 for the program as both minimum and maximum, like this. Just click on "State 7" and select "set minimum".

My 480 will reduce clock speed on GPU and VRAM, sometimes causing a crash if I don't do this for both GPU State 7 and Memory state 1 in games where I try to eke out maximum framerates. Set your power limit to +50, it will only pull what it needs to maintain State 7. In my case, I'm close to the 180W power limit after doing this with my GPU. (GPU-Z states my GPU is in the bottom 21% of Ellesmere XT chips for ASIC score, it's not efficient at all).

edit: After looking at your power supply, try swapping to the other 8-pin GPU connector from your PSU. Those fans aren't pulling much from the PSU, don't worry about them.

Adept I

core clock and power suddenly drop at the same time causing mini freeze in game for like 0.5 sec. I have had this issue before but it just fixed itself and i have no idea what was the problem. Yesterday it happened again. Every 5 or 10 minutes game freeze, stutter for 0.5 -> 1 sec.