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Journeyman III

Given Nvidia fiasco, what to expect with Navi 2 launch?

I've been a life long AMD guy (keeping it local in the ATX!), but I admit my eye did wander to the 3080. For better or worse doesn't look like that's going to happen, though, so now I come crawling back to you, baby. I'm not one of those guys that upgrades his card every year, and in fact I'm longer over due than usual. So I have no idea what launches have been like for AMD for the last ..... well, ever, really, because I don't normally bother with the launch rat race either. But I needs to get my rig Cyberpunk ready!! Given the disappointing and frustrating waste of time that was the 3080 launch, I'd like to know a bit about what to expect from AMD at launch time.

  • I know AMD holds a lot less of the market share, does that equate to less of a sh*t show at launches?
  • Do bots & resellers buy out AMD inventory on mass like they do Nvidia?
  • ^If yes, will AMD take steps to mitigate this - preferably learning from Nvidia's mistakes?
  • How soon after the Oct 28 announcement can I expect to get my hands on a card?
  • When travelling at a subsonic speed during the last one hour of hyper-sleep, which vector of the Romulan nebula will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening?
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Glad you understand the Romulan sense of humour...


  Yes Romulans and Vulkans are known for their humor! 


The difference is that when Vulcans are being humorous, they're just going through the Pon Far. When Romulans are being humorous, they're about to do something very nasty to you


  • I know AMD holds a lot less of the market share, does that equate to less of a sh*t show at launches?

AMD is always finding ever increasingly creative methods to outdo themselves with how to screw up with every Product Launch. 

With Navi 1st Gen (RX 5000-Series)., not only did they allow Apple to slide in right before Product Ramp and acquire all of the N7 Production Capacity that they needed to produce a Full Stack... leading to them only being capable of producing a Single Discreet (Desktop) and Embedded (OEM) Variant of the GPU., but they chose not to wait until the Drivers were mature enough; and as compensation for not having any High-End ("Big Navi") Products chose to push Navi to the Redline resulting in effectively showing NVIDIA their hand for this Generation.

Now at present, this launch does look much more promising in many respects.

The RX 6000-Series has been Ready To Launch (from a Hardware perspective) since Late July., which ordinarily would've been their "Paper Launch" Window.

Instead AMD chose deliberately to wait.

This was so that they could 

a) See what NVIDIA were bringing to the Market

b) Ensure that Drivers were Stable for Launch

c) If chances / tweaks needed to be made to the Architecture (at a Hardware Level)., that they had time to do that and Ramp without the need to push back the Launch

On top of this., they also made the decision to keep "Radio Silence" in regards to the Specifications (which again are entirely subject to change until it begin to ship to Retailers) but also omit providing them to AIB Partners who in the past are the main source for leaked Benchmarks and Information to both the Public and NVIDIA.

And keep in mind a lot of this is in the face of the RTX 30-Series (at least by the Tech Press) being praised as if it's some sort of "Game Changer" that is untouchable.

I personally see it quite differently... as while it's certainly impressive (for NVIDIA)., it also showcases that NVIDIA is deeply rattled by Navi; much more so than how the RX 5000-Series was received by the Public and Tech Press. 

And with VERY good reason.

Of course despite this being an Epic End-Zone Rush... with them looking quite untouchable., as if typically the case for AMD; I think we're all waiting to see what their 10-Yard Fumble is going to be. 

  • Do bots & resellers buy out AMD inventory on mass like they do Nvidia?

No., we usually have to deal with Crypto-Currency Miners buying up all of our Cards.

When you also consider that generally speaking AMD Cards don't tend to "Re-Sale" particularly well... as even their excellent products don't really generate the same "Must Have" reaction from their Core Consumers (like myself).

AMD also typically produce enough of their Mainstream Hardware for it not to be an issue. 

Unlike NVIDIA., who everyone is still quite sceptical that they do even have limited supply and they aren't just deliberately with-holding Stock in order to drive up prices (and their profit margins).

  • ^If yes, will AMD take steps to mitigate this - preferably learning from Nvidia's mistakes?

There isn't much they can do... but as noted., AMD Hardware (esp. GPUs) don't exactly have great Re-Sale Value.

It isn't because they're bad products; it's because of the Core Consumer behaviour.

We're not going to pay over the odds for Products., we'll just wait until it's available or being resold for a cheaper price. 

This is especially true when you consider that we're in a Recessive Period due to the Pandemic this year.

Not that this will actually be a bad thing for AMD... it will mean a few more months to improve Drivers further., they will see Record Sales., Fewer RMA., and when such lunacy does finally die down; a market flooded with even better value hardware for the Consumers who they intended to get them (of whom will have been willing to wait for said prices to crash back to MSRP).

I mean look at Polaris for template of what I mean. AMD just carried on "As Usual" and unlike NVIDIA never ended up with a massive excess of stock that they then couldn't shift... their Market finally did get Polaris Cards., and at some pretty deep discounts at Re-Sale., even while MSRP was very slowly returning to normal.

  • How soon after the Oct 28 announcement can I expect to get my hands on a card?

Day One.

October 28th isn't a Paper Launch., but keep in mind that AIB Partner Cards will not be available until Nov - Dec. 

The RX 6000-Series has effectively been "Ready to Launch" since Late July., and AMD won't break their promise that we will be able to get the Cards before the Next-Gen Console Launch (which we KNOW the Xbox Series is launching November 10th, with PlayStation 5 also sometime in November... although no word on the exact day yet).

  • When travelling at a subsonic speed during the last one hour of hyper-sleep, which vector of the Romulan nebula will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening?

Not my area of expertise. 


When it comes to AMD GPU releases for the past few years, we find that the hype is nowhere near the reality of actual performance. The GPU will underperform relative to competition. The best that you can hope for is that AMD did not drastically increase voltage and stock overclock to make benchmarks marginally better for reviews.

And yes, stock will be low and you will need to be somewhat lucky of vigilant to get a new GPU. If resellers can buy up stock and sell at higher price, then it will happen. Seems like every nvidia/amd GPU release faces that issue.


All I can says if that the past few years for AMD have not been stellar on the GPU side. 

Navi has been around near a year and has just recently been getting its driver issues fixed. 

Many issues still exist. 

So bottom line I would not be a day on adopter, but happy to see how it pans out. 

I am in the market for a card myself, but will wait to see what is really the best way to go at the beginning of the year. 

The big difference between the two companies and I have used both their card in recent years is that the AMD cards take a good bit of tinkering to get stable and for me anyway did not work at default settings. None of my green team cards suffered form these issues and all have been rock solid. On the AMD side I had RX 580 which still doesn't run at defaults and I can't get current drivers to even load. I tried Vega and returned it, features did not work and bad stability. Tried 2 different Navi cards and returned both for horrible stability and could not play my pre dx 12 games. 

On the green side I have a GTX 150ti.. GTX 1060 6gb, RTX 2060, and RTX 2070 super. All have been great cards with zero issues. They just work and I run them all at defaults with no problem. 

Prior to those cards I had only ATI/AMD cards for nearly 20 years. Before AMD's wattman drivers came on the scene I had great luck with AMD gpus.