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TEAM RED! There is not a single notebook to be buyable on the German-speaking market, why?

There is not a single notebook on the German-speaking market, that has the 4800U, why?

How is it possible, that there is not a single notebook with the 4800U in half of the European countries?

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It is down to Local OEM Partners to make deals with AMD for their OEM Parts.

Now as to why there has been a clear decline in Foreign Business Support (i.e. HP / Dell / Acer / etc.) releasing certain models in Germany., well that's a much more delicate topic.

In any case... at the most basic level., Limited Supply means OEMs are going to target preferred regions where said Products are more likely to sell.

China, United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

You ever wonder why the United Kingdom got the largest supply of Radeon VII in Europe?

It's because it's their biggest market in Europe... and not by a small margin either., it accounts for approx. 80% of their Sales in Europe even today.

This used to be much higher... esp. during the K15 / GCN Era.

If you REALLY want a Ryzen 7 4800 Laptop., just order it from the UK.

We've had them since they launched... in-fact I think the HP xEnvy360 has been available since what... March, April? something like that.

leyvin, I want a German keyboard, and I want an EU-connector for my charger ... and there is also a warranty difference now, due to the BREXIT ...


There isn't a Warranty Difference., never had been... never will be... I think you mean there is a Consumer Rights difference that the Business you buy from is required to adhere to., and that is the case at present (Brexit still hasn't ACTUALLY happened yet) but will be when we're finally no longer members of the European Union. 

Now in regards for an EU Connector., most UK Devices typically come with a UK (3-Prong) or EU/US (2-Prong) Connector... and as we use identical power delivery systems (240v 50Hz) that's the only difference. 

A Germany Keyboard also isn't "Unique"... they're all Qwerty nowadays, so what you're asking for is for a few keys to list things like the Umlaut Letters; which only really matters if you still look at the keyboard.

The keys are still all in the same places, it's just an extra indicator on them... unlike a US Keyboard that actually does have many of the Symbol Keys in different positions.

Even still., it shouldn't be too difficult to acquire the few additional keys to replace on the keyboard.

Now as stated above., it's up to the OEMs to support your region. 

Asking AMD is pointless as they actually directly sell a very limited range of products., most are sold to an AIB / OEM Partner; who then produces the products for said Region.

You're better focusing your question towards HP / Dell / Acer / Asus / etc.

I mean as I recall Asus Europe is based in Germany, is it not? Ask them, why they're not supporting your Region. 

All I've done is provide you with a reasonable solution.

There is a HUGE difference when getting an keyboard without German - Layout!

- Umlaut - letters: äöü are at slightly different positions (you feel it when using them)

- Currency - issue: several currencies Ł ŧ ¥ € $ are at different sub-positions, you cannot just ASSUME them (because you do not see them when using an different software-layout for the keyboard)

- Mathematical and Scientific - signs:  ΩŊÞ ¡ ³²¼⅛⅜¡ are not at the same positions, you would assume them, no online help in case of wrong layout difference from the seen to the know positions

- the Greater > and Lesser < signs are not always on the left-outer position, but on the right-outer position, same issue with PIPES | and # <- this little thing

- totally screwed up positions of {[]}\/ ---- I never remember their positions.

So this was only the issue, when using most of (real-world) QWERTY instead of most of (real-world) QWERTZ, and not taking into account the US-layout, which has at least double of the issues, and almost all the given issue above.

The power adapter issue:

- usually you do not get the EU connector when purchasing an UK - device, which is the reason I had to buy adapters for several devices, finally I got rid off this, and sold them all

Third point:

AMD is capable of influencing the producers, and I want them to do so, and if not, I want to know why this is the case, that there are no devices with the 4800U on the german-speaking markets.

Kind regards.


AMD doesn't make laptops or desktop computers. The OEMS decide what they will market and until the last couple years with Ryzen the AMD percentage of sales is relatively small. That has quickly changed as demand has risen. Production lines are often allocated a couple years in advance. Nobody could have predicted ahead of time the demand for AMD cpus. Then you throw in that Covid has literally destroyed much of the manufacturing capacity around the world and the fact that OEMs are just now really beginning to ramp up product designs that will use the Zen 3 products that still are not released. 

If you want to know when products will be released, you need to speak to the OEMs that sell them in your country. 

Regardless the people you are asking in this forum are AMD USERS NOT AMD. 

If you would like to ask AMD the AMD website has a contact page with addresses and phone numbers of all their world wide locations. 

You can also contact AMD support here: