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Gigabyte RX6650XT Temperature issues

Good afternoon. My rx6550xt graphics card has a GPU temperature of 75°C in games, the hotspot temperature goes up to 113°C. Is this normal?

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75°C while gaming is completely normal. What's not normal is having a hotspot temperature nearly 40° higher than the average core temp. Has the card always performed like this or has something changed recently? I would open a Gigabyte support ticket to see if they have any suggestions. What is the specific model card you have?

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

Thank you for the reply. Let me tell you everything regarding my temp issue. Like, right now im playing valorant, it shows, the temp is 66°C and the hotspot is 81°C. And when i play pubg the temp goes upto 85°C and the hotspot shows like around 110-112 °C. Which is pretty weird. I play in low setting in pubg, but still normal temp 85-86 and hotspot between 109-113. Im really tensed. same thing happend with ghost of Tsushima. Normal temp 86 and hotspot 109-110. Only normal temp i get in valorant. I dont know whats the solution of these problem, never overclocked or undervolted. The card always perform like this. I didnt change anything. but for frest installation i used DDU. but still facing the same issue. Should I re-paste?  Btw, Thanks for opening a support ticket for me. Here is my specs- 

 Intel i5-10400| Gigabyte H410 V S2H | 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 | Radeon Gigabyte RX 6650XT OC


Sorry, you will need to open your own support ticket.

Here's the link to Gigabyte eSupport:

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

But what should i do now? Whats the solution? @FunkZ  

Adept III

Did you change thermal paste on the gpu core?


No. I didnt. Should I ? 

Adept II

Hello, if you have that graphic under warranty, it would be best to process its return, since apparently the temperature sensor does not work well. I had an XFX RX6650XT and the same thing happened to me, when playing for a while suddenly the PC turned off, and It turned out that it was because of the temperature. At first I solved it by lowering the FPS from 165 to 144 maximum, so it didn't get as hot. Anyway, I asked the people at XFX if the temperatures were normal, and they told me No and that the warranty will be processed in the place where you bought it.

If your warranty runs out, what you could do is set the FPS limit so that it doesn't get so hot, but if you can, process the warranty. All the best.


Alright. Thank you!