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Gigabyte RX580 REV 2.0 advertised as REV 1.0.

Gigabyte RX580 REV 2.0 advertised as REV 1.0.


A Gigabyte RX580 for the ridiculous cost of £320. 
The advert describes REV1.0 specifications.

However they are selling the REV 2.0 version of the GPU: 

They have removed a DVI-D port, the RGB lighting, and the backplate.

I was burned by the same trick on the Gigabyte RX590 earlier in 2020. 

Etailer on Ebay advertised REV1.0 specs, sent me REV2.0.
Return was refused because I could not trust the seller. 

I am reporting Gigabyte and Overclockers  to Advertising Standards.
I suggest you all do the same. 

Another point. 
Other RX580 at that site are costing up to £360.
For an RX580.
Just think about that. 


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#1 reason I don't support Gigabyte - Their REV nonsense...