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Journeyman III

Full System Crash w/ VRAM Clock Speed always Maxed @1860MHz in-game

Hi All,

My PC is maxing out on the VRAM Clock speed when I launch Modern Warfare or CSGO recently. Plays Counter Strike Source just fine @299FPS. I can play in game for a minute before the whole system freezes up and I have to restart my computer. I am aware that others have experienced this issue on other threads and forums, and I have troubleshooted the things listed below for a number of days now.

Upon restart I get a 'Radeon Wattman settings reset to default after system failure' notification. The AMD Adrenalin software shows my VRAM Clock speed and GPU maxing at 1860MHz and 98% capacity respectively.

The in-game COD settings RAM on my two 8GB sticks are only using 1000MB due to my low COD settings as I explain below. I ran 'Can You Run It?' on my PC and it was all green above the recommended specs.

Though they appear to be above board by the minimum requirements, are my below PC specs are capable of running the current updated Modern Warfare?

- Ryzen 7 2700X Chip
- MSI Radeon 5500XT Gaming 8GB GPU
- MSI B450M Pro-VDH
- G.Skill 2x8GB Ripjaws version 4 RAM
- Corsair TX550M 550W 80 Plus Power Supply Gold
- NZXT HD440 Tower with four fans running
- AOC 38.5inch 144HZ free-sync gaming monitor

Here is what I have tried:

- Reseated RAM and PSU Cables
- Uninstalling and reinstalling AMD driver and MSI drivers
- Uninstalling overlocking MSI Afterburner
- Removed all Overclocking in BIOS and reset to defaults
- Running ISPC RAM management software at 8192 / 1024 with 0.5 timer on
- Running the monitor through Windows 10 settings at 60HZ - this worked for about an hour before the system freeze replicated
- Ran the monitor through both HDMI and DP cables separately
- Used a different Monitor capable of HDMI at 60HZ
- Ran the game through headphones and monitor speakers, then with no sound at all (this no sound enabled 30 minutes of gameplay before a system freeze requiring restart again)
- Ran Modern Warfare with everything on low settings and in game HZ at 60Hz too
- Changed the Config file in Modern Warfare folder on my local disk to 'read-only' once saving these low settings in game
- Changed the 'adv_options' file in Modern Warfare folder to have video memory scale of 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.0
- Changed Windows 10 settings to High Performance, the AMD Adrenalin software to gaming performance, reset both to defaults and attempted other performance settings changes
- Changed the monitor resolution settings in AMD Adrenalin software to a 'custom resolution' of 142
- Capped my max framerates / refresh rates at 100 in-game

Here is an image of when I load to 'Multiplayer' waiting at an in-game lobby - the VRAM Clock Speed stays at 1860MHz, and the GPU spikes from 50-98% constantly as you can see by the red graph.

Any further tips would be appreciated - if it is so that my PC just cannot handle it, then so be it. However I am hopeful there is a solution.



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