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Journeyman III

Dogane in italy

I finally bought a rx 6800xt , i want to know if i will pay dogane cause i bought from amd en, and i live in Italy. Thank you

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Re: Dogane in italy

You are asking since you purchased a RX6800XT at AMD Store in USA that if you will need to pay "CUSTOMS" or "duty" when it is shipped to you in Italy?

I needed to translate Dogane which means "Customs" in Italian.

Here is AMD Store FAQ concerning paying Taxes:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

I guess it depends on what type of VAT AMD Charges. 

Here is all the information about purchasing from Non-European to EU Countries  and whether you need to pay Custom/Duties and VAT and other fees (Official EU Website):

EDIT: You can ask AMD Support and see if they can answer your question or not from here:

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