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Journeyman III

Disable "Recording Now" Message.


How to remove this message? it annoys me. I already took the Overley and it still continues...

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Disable Show Indicator., either via the Record & Stream Options; or via the Scene Editor.

Now the problem is doing this will completely remove all of the Indicators., as in it will not show that the Radeon Overlay is available., nor the Recording Length, if the Mic is Enabled, etc.

It would be great (and was something requested by a few individuals, like myself) if we could have an option that allowed us to have the Indicators Active; but not output as part of the Recording.
I mean they're exceptionally useful to know if the Record & Stream / Overlay is even working in a game, and what options are available; not to mention keep Streams / Recordings within a Time Limit... but as it stands the only way to do this is to Disable the Overlay and use AMD Link (your mobile device) to then keep track of things like, the Scene, Record Time, Enabled Options, etc.

I mean they did finally add an option that allows you to have your Desktop not output., as well as now being able to define a specific Display to Record; which is awesome... but for some reason the Indicators remain "Every Present" or "Disabled" not simply "Disabled on Recording"