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Journeyman III

Delidding an old FX -4170?

I have an older CPU in my older build that's still in pretty good working condition. It's been a real trooper in handling most things despite some thermal issues here and there which I blame the cooler for. (tested by applying additional airflow and thermals are good).

I feel the CPU still has a lot to give as it's currently decently good in it's current state and could use some improvements. I've yet to ever OC it and it's in a system only using 8 gb ram. I'm sure if I installed a good cooler and OC'd it a bit (just a bit) and added another 8gb of ram it could make the system very usable for moderate tasks for a while.

One thing I considered also however is to delid it. I'm kind of wary of doing this as where this is an older chip it wasn't done as much back then. I've done some searched on it and I've found next to nothing on delidding these chips. I've only come across an LTT post of someone that delidded their old FX phantom which happened to be soldered and destroyed it.

Anyone have any clue on this? Or if it's worth trying for temp improvements for further overclocking?

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