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Can I use integrated gpu with dedicated one ?


I'm totaly confused what should I do I bought this APU for gaming but when I got lag I think about to add a dedicated GPU in it. I have 8GB DDR3 RAM in it. I want to know that, will my AMD A8 7600b Pro integrated gpu r7 run with a dedicated gpu AMD Radeon HD 7570 which comes with 1 GB VRAM and it's GDDR5. Or will I get a better performance from my integrated GPU if I upgrade my ram, I want to achieve the performance on which I can do a small level budget gaming ? Can I play PUBG MOBILE if I upgrade my RAM to 16 Gb ?

Thanks In Advance, I hope you'll understand what I said. ;* 

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Re: Can I use integrated gpu with dedicated one ?

Can You RUN It | Can I Run It | Can My PC Run It (

Dual graphics - AMD A8-7600 and R7 240 - AMD Community

PUBG Mobile: The Minimum Requirements And Best Phones For The Game (

The first link will let you know if you can run it now or after you visit the second link to install that card to work with the APU in Crossfire. Third link is the only version that card would support or you APU as it is without anything else or with the card you specified ( there's a mobile PC version at that link ). I looked it up for you, but feel free to use those links.

Personally, I would skip the built in GPU and run a dedicated card like anything in from an R7370 up with 2GB or more GDDR3, DDR5 for best experience for the "Lite" version. The full PC version requires an AMD RX580 4GB as a minimum. Older equivalent's exist like the R9390 but your PSU probably won't handle that. The R7360 might but the R7370 2GB card is the lowest priced one I saw. As far as going to 16GB RAM, very recommended in any case but technically not needed for the mobile version of the game.

For future reference if building a gaming PC on a budget, always skip the APU's. That setup will cost you more in the end than just going with a cheap A320 board, a Ryzen 3 1200, and $150 card as an example. All can be found used. I was going to build an FM2 based "budget PC" and found out it cost as much if not more than building a regular PC with a half decent card. Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Can I use integrated gpu with dedicated one ?

If you are able to or not i cant say for sure from within this position.

Still the way you explaine is that your possible choosing

rather to upgrade your onboard integrated GPU putting in more 

dedicated ram memory?!

Or adding one bigger video card and run that in parallel with Crossfire to combine the two?!

Considering the pro and cons crossfire isnt always the best sollution and for sure not if you looking

for better preformance!

Still if you want to be sure, your not getting yourself something that only half works the way you wanne.

Then take my advice and buy yourself one dedicated videocard!

(Crossfire relies on the chip series im not even sure if it would run if they not match)

Still if that would be incorrect stated crossfire and the idea behind it are great!

Altough theorie and practice are miles from each other.

Anyway remember running 1 / 2.or 3 videocard with extreme high performance ratio in let say SLI will not

boost your Graphics so called overall preformance like 3 times.     

That is a myth there is no way to combine them as one just like crossfire  it eventually becomes

some what of a problem! I fooled around 5 years ago with that crap and somethings will never change ...