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Can anyone direct me to..

I am looking for some form of documentation for AMD's EXPO specification and in relation to BIOS so that I can translate all of the BIOS acronyms to real world English and have an explanation for what they mean and I don't mean just things like CAS latency I mean ALL of it - any and every setting related to memory timings that could appear in a BIOS for AMD cpu's.

I have been experimenting with taking a much higher spec'd XMP memory kit and downclocking it in MHz to achieve tighter timings at regular 1.1v levels as opposed to 1.4v levels which are generally used in overclocked memory and have has some success I have GSkill trident Z5 RGB 7600Mhz ram rated 36 46 46 121 @ 1.4v running at 30 36 36 76 @1.4v and am now slowly beginning to lower the voltage back toward 1.1v.

Regardless of if I can get there or not my next experiment will be to try and run this same kit at the maximum rating for my board which is 6666Mhz O/C with timings somewhere between the original CL30 and CL36 at the lowest voltage I can get and have it reliable but I need the information that I mention above in order to try and achieve this. 


Thanks in advance.

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