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Adept II

Bring AMD VirtualSuperResolution in Chromium browsers.


Chromium browsers got RTX SRS support.


Can AMD bring VirtualSuperResolution as technology in this browsers too? Looks as good option.

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If im not mistaken AMD has enhancement feature for video, though its not like SRS.

Also VSR is something different, as it renders a higher resolution image and scales down to monitor native. There should be no reconstruction as SRS does, which basicly enhanced edges to make them visible even if they are supposed to be less than half of the width of a pixel onscreen.. 

But the idea is good, video-FSR could be nice to have. But it also depends heavily one the spurce-stream.

You could try using vlc and some shader plugins, if you have the URL for the media in browser, and play with the video-options in the adrenalin panel



@atmosphere is right VSR is the opposite of FSR.

VSR will process it at 4K and push it on 1080p monitors (Example)


FSR and RSR is taking a 1080p and upscaling it to a 4K monitor.



The Englishman

Maybe you've seen this already.. but MS did it already (though not for pure chromium) 

Video upscaling like VSR in MS Edge