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Adept II

Build a full AMD system but not getting it stable

Hi all,


I build a brand new system well except my GPU

Parts :


MB:             Asus proart X670E creator wifi ( i choose this one as it is the only one with integrated 10 G. NIC

The cpu  :  7800 X3D

memory :  G Skill  FS-6000J3238F16G set of 32 Gb running at 3000 Mhz ( DDR5-6000 )

GPU :         Asus TUF RX 6800 XT Gaming OC

NMVE drives

Boot:         WD_Black SN850X 2 TB switch back to W10 ( instead of disaster spyware 11)

Game:      Lexar NM790 4 TB


USB:         14 TB seagate for backup and alot of tools and toy thingies


now the problems i encountered

I switched from a W11 system running on whole different hardware ( 9900kf with asrock z390 ultimate board) which also crashed many times a day

When i swicth the on die cpu it's gpu in active mode, i constant have crashes even though i have played with alot of settings it makes EVERYTHING crash


However my system crashes also with many games so the big question is it the Gpu or what as both are completely different systems

I have run a lot of tests but can not really detect what the culpritt is in this disaster.

Sometimes it runs perfect the minute i pump up the graphics from 1080p to 1440p or up the settings from normal to higher hell breaks loose


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