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ASUS: AMD responsible for ROG Strix Radeon RX 5700 Series Thermal Issues (WCCFTech)

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Great that Asus is acknowledging this and willing to fix the issue for their consumers. So much of the times you only get finger pointing and no help. Good info!


Still it's a fix that will cost owners tens of dollars to have fixed since users will still have to send their cards in for a "free" fix, not to mention being without their card for upwards of two weeks depending on mailing date and turnaround time. The article doesn't say if ASUS will just send the screws, likely not as it'd cause warranty invalidation. It's something that'd make me avoid ASUS GPUs in the future, especially as these are very premium priced cards which on sale exceed the cost of an RTX 2070, which is the same speed, despite lacking its features and power efficiency, and require use of AMD's still-buggy-after-7-months drivers.


Well there is certainly nothing optimal about the situation. Any time it costs you more money to get a product that works that is very bad. In fact it may have been the price difference between one that does work right to begin with. I stopped buying online from places that charge restocking fees. If I need to return a product because it doesn't work that should not cost me money IMHO. I am so glad that our local Micro Center is awesome about returns. I also will never again hold onto a computer product that is not working at defaults properly past the return period. I will return it and buy or wait for a product that works. I sure am not getting a discount for Beta Testing, LOL.