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Journeyman III

AMD RYZEN 7 3800XT hight temperatures.

Hello to everyone in the community. I recently did a super up on my pc, purchasing a VGA RTX 2070 SUPER, an AMD RYZEN 7 3800XT, Water Cooler Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 - (AMD / Intel) - MLW-D24M-A20PW-R1, 2x RAM 8GB 3200 Mhz ... a Redragon Wheel Jack GC-606WH gamer case and an ASROCK B450 motherboard ... but unfortunately, my processor lives in high temperatures, reaching peaks of 88 ° C ... when I play mainly a Call of Duty - Warzone , it starts to get very hot. I already check thermal pasture (AKASA 450 silver) .. I have inside the case, 3 coolers for the exhaust fan and 2 more (besides the 2 for the water cooler) to draw cold air to the machine, but I always see the processor heating up to 75 ° C. .. I live in Belo Horizonte / MG - Brazil, the ambient temperature here is around 22 to 33 ° C, my room is well ventilated and the PC is in a place with good ventilation .. the question is .. Because the processor it heats up so much and what would be the ideal water cooler for him, or the solution for my pc ???

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Honestly I would try to rule out the water cooling as being the culprit. If you have an adequate air cooler I would suggest you try it and and see if it is cooling better. 

Your water cooling should be good but that doesn't mean it isn't defective or not installed correctly. 

Also it doesn't matter how many fans you have, as incorrectly installation or just bad case designs can keep air from flowing. 


Thanks for the return friend. One thing I did, and it seems to have helped, I still don't know for sure, was to open my cabinet ... because it was made of tempered glass, it was creating a heat barrier inside the cabinet. Once opened, temperatures do not reach 74 ° and are constantly between 50 and 65 °. I am not sure if this is ideal for him or not ... In terms of the installation and the water cooler is working well or badly installed, I already checked, they are working well and the water is circulating cool ... did anyone own the same processor to give me an idea of temperature ???


I have the same processor and cooler.  Thermaltake level 10 case, 120mm front case fan intake, 120mm bottom case fan intake, 120mm rear exhaust, PSU bottom mounted with isolated bottom intake and rear exhaust.  LCS os top mounted with dual 120mm exhaust fans.  One 200mm side intake fan..  My temps sit around 50C (÷/-5) idle and 60C (×/-5) at load, touching 70C periodically.