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Coupon Code Expired

Evening everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had the problem that I have.

I bought the Zephyrus 14 laptop back in September and part of the purchase was the game bundle for the new Assasins Creed. When I got home I tried to redeem the code but I couldn't make an account because the website wouldn't proceed to the next step after I put in my information. When I filled in the words above the box would shift into where I put my information in. So I tried to put in a support ticket but that wouldn't work either. Anything other than the main page wouldn't work. So I decided just to wait a week and try again. A week later, same thing. And it just kept happening.

So last night I try again and it worked! I typed in my coupon code and then I got the message that my coupon code had expired. So I put in a trouble ticket wondering why my code expired even though there was nothing telling me that there was a limited time to redeem my code with my purchase, even though I had been trying to redeem it over the past couple months. 

The response I got back from support stated that there was nothing they could do and that everything was covered in the terms and agreement. Kinda a bummer since I have been trying to redeem my code but I could never get the site to work and when it finally does, this happens. Its pretty lame that nothing tells you that part of the package you get with buying a laptop is a game and when you try to claim it, you don't get it. 

Has anyone else had a problem with trying to redeem a code and getting told it was expired?

Sorry if I'm coming off as whiney but just a little frustrated.


Thanks yall!

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As far as I know Laptops doesn't qualify for free games. Generally it is the component like a AMD CPU or GPU that qualifies for free games.

Maybe because your laptop has a AMD APU which made you qualify for a free game.

Which AMD promotion was the one that you qualified for? 

Here are all the AMD Promotions with the Terms & Conditions. Just click on the one that corresponds to you:

When did you purchase the laptop and which promotion is the one you qualify for?.

If the Promotion's last Redeem Date has past by already you are out of luck.

You should have tried to redeem the game the same day you got the laptop.

How long were you trying to reach AMD Rewards that it was unresponsive? A week, couple of days, etc.

Did you explain to AMD Rewards the problems you were having with their website?




My laptop does have an AMD processor so I think that's why I got the promotion. When I purchased it in September, the vendor (best buy) said it comes with the game bundle and the coupon code was on my receipt. I was super excited since I'm a bit of an Assasins Creed nerd and I didn't know that the laptop I wanted came with it. 

I attempted to redeem my code that same day but the site wouldn't get past the registration info page and when I tried to submit a trouble ticket it wouldn't go past the information page.

I tried the next day and got the same thing. And then again for the next couple weeks with the same result. I had to go underway since I'm in the Navy so I figured I'd try again when I got back, plus the game would be out so I could jump right in. 

When I went on the rewards site, it worked! So I did my registration and then I got the code expiration message when I put in my code. I checked my receipt and it said to contact support if there are any issues. So I sent in my support ticket and the reply I got was that I missed the promotional period.

I just used the link you sent and found my promotion. And yup, I missed the cut off by 4 days. 

It just kinda sucks since I couldn't redeem my code or submit a support ticket while was home due to the website not working and then I had to wait since I had military obligations (no fault of AMD at all). Then when I get home, boom, no soup for you. 

I do appreciate you sending that link and answering the post really fast. 


Maybe as a Veteran's Day courtesy AMD Rewards can give you the game since it was either AMD Servers having issues or your ISP that caused you to wait over 2 weeks before you found out the website was working again. 

You did the correct action by trying to redeem your code the same day you got your AMD Laptop.

In my Opinion, I believe AMD should at least honor your Game Code even though it has elapsed due to a combination of AMD Rewards webpage issues and your duties as a Military personal made you unavailable to continue the Redeeming process at AMD Rewards.

That would be pretty awesome! I don't know how I'd be able to express my appreciation if AMD did that. Ill keep my fingers crossed. 

Thank you for hearing me out and letting me explain everything.