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Adept I

AMD Rewards long standing struggle


I'll try to make this as short as possible, but it will be hard, your patience please.

- In June 2019, I purchased a Ryzen processor off Amazon, with promotional free games (Division 2 and World war Z)

- I've created an account on amdrewards website, verified it, went through the hardware verification tool process, then I've received an email from you asking for a proof of purchase, sent it back and within a week or so I got an email that says I can now redeem my rewards.

- When I tried to redeem the rewards, I could see them in the account, I add them to cart, then confirm the selection, I finally got a message saying : (Congratulations on reserving Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Gold edition! We will update your account and notify you as soon as the content key is available). I kept seeing this message for more than 6 weeks while I opened support tickets and either not get a reply, or get a reply that just has general guide on how to redeem the rewards, or to try different browsers and clear cache etc...

- After trying more than 4 browsers (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Opera, and Avast), made sure that I cleared cache and cookies, made sure there was no ad-blocker, made sure 3rd party cookies was enabled, I even tried turning on and off hardware acceleration (even though my AMD Product is a processor not a GPU). After trying every few days I finally received an email that says my rewards are expired !! Even though I was trying to redeem them from day 1 and had all the opened tickets to prove it.

- I've opened yet another ticket explaining what happened to me, and after maybe three weeks of back and forward emails, I received an email that says they will soon provide new codes for me, I kept inquiring about it until they said they did provide new codes and reactivated my rewards, it will take few days then you can redeem them ! I've tried after few days and this time I encountered a new error ( Your reward cannot be assigned at this time, please try again at a later time). I've opened around 5 tickets regarding this error and no one helped me get past it, all I got was that they checked my account and from their end they can't see anything wrong with my account.

- Until today I've opened more than a dozen support ticket with no serious solution. I've received many general replies such as: (We've issued your games now), (We've extended your code), (Try different browser), (Can you check my rewards page), (This email contains instructions to activate Tom Clancy's The division 2), (here's your AMD Rewards Redemption - 2564692), (We are currently looking into why you may be having difficulties), (Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience and various attempts. we have issued your game selections. Please allow up to 24 hours for the game keys to be visible in your AMD Rewards account). And many more replies like this one with no real fix and same error repeated again and again and again.

- One more thing is that most of the times, when AMD rewards finally grace me with a reply on the ticket, I reply to that email but they never reply again ! which forces me to open new tickets after weeks of waiting and frustration build up !

- I've sent many screenshots of my rewards page and the error, I even recorder the process and shared the video to them many many times (Claim Reward - AMD Rewards - Google Chrome 2019-10-10 20-31-33.mp4 - Google Drive )

- It has been 5 months since I started this redemption process, I've never been more frustrated with a large corporation like I am with AMD in the last few months. The level of incompetence, the same template answers, the not caring for what the customer is saying, just reply to him with a ready message that says try different browser like I was sent last week, not knowing that I was sent the same message several times starting 4 months ago, simply because they did not take the time to read what I wrote, or review my account and messages history, despite me specifically asking them politely to review the account history to grasp the problem.

- Today, before writing this, I tried to deactivate my account, in hopes of re-activating it and solving the glitch (if there was any). But it seems that I cannot just reactivate the account myself, so for the 100th time probably, I opened another support ticket !

- I can't believe that AMD would do this, just because they are "promotional" and "free" games we don't get real customer support nor the staff that cares. This is by far the worst experience I ever had with any customer support, ever !! 5 months and countless number of support tickets opened and emails replied, for what ? for game codes ?!! is it that hard to solve this problem really ? couldn't they send me the activation codes directly instead of a link that will reroute me to Ubisoft's market or Epic games ?! Couldn't they see they already suggested the same solution again and again for the same customer with the same case number and same account ? Are they trying to humiliate people just because these are free promotional games ?! Is anyone ever going to care and solve this case ?! I'm not even sure if this community gets any attention from AMD since I've searched for solutions and saw similar cases with not even a single reply.

Kind regards. 

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Possibly one of the Moderators can inquire about the issues you are having, if possible.

Adept I

It's been a month and my problem is still standing 

No answer anywhere 


Don't know what to say, Seems like you have done everything possible to get the issue resolved. Going to AMD Rewards support is the correct path for solving your problem and you have several times already.

can you post the AMD Rewards Ticket number, the last one you got from AMD concerning your issue?

Sounds like there is a mix up somewhere. Either miscommunications or some other internal issue. just guessing though.

I don't know if one of the Moderators can inquire at AMD Rewards dept to find out what is going on in your case or not since it isn't, in my opinion, connected to Tech support.  At AMD Service Request (AMD SUPPORT) it mentions to go to AMD REWARDS if you have any problems with games promotion. So you are back to square one again.


Sounds like you could have completed Tom Clancy's "The Division 2" and WWZ in the amount of time you have spent chasing the code down. It's an old promotion and there are probably no active codes left to give to customers. That is probably what is happening.

Note there is no guarantee you will get the games if the codes run out or you are too slow to claim them before a deadline date.

I saw the games on Black Friday sale at reduced price, so maybe wait until a New Year sale?


Adept I

It's not about the price of the games, or if even like them, or can or cannot afford them. It's just a matter of principle, AMD promised free games and they should deliver. They should have a competent customer service team that can solve problems much quicker than 6 months. I was not slow to claiming them and if they run out it's actually AMD's problem not mine, because if you want to be fair, i was trying to claim them way before many people that got the games, and before the deadline date or quantity run out.

That aside, few days ago someone from AMD Rewards messaged me " That's very strange ! I'll attach your keys below". And he did ! And they worked !

I mean how hard was that ?! why couldn't someone do this from the beginning !! I lost count of how many case tickets i opened, guessing dozen is no exaggeration ! I've literally suggested this solution many times and they didn't do it.

The most annoying part was that i spent time writing all progress details and past messages and replies, even though they have the case history. Then i get a cold blooded template answer that was suggested to me couple of times months ago.

If someone from here reached up to them and made them finally solve the problem, then thank you mystery man.

Kind regards.

Glad you got the keys in the end.


Maybe it was Santa?

Community Manager

I forwarded your case to the AMDRewards and asked them to look into it.