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Journeyman III

AMD Rewards Feedback

So I was lured into buying a new graphics card from AMD by the three game bundle that came with it, you now, RE2, TGD2 and DMC5. 

But of course, I cannot download them, since I do not get the keys for them. 

Reading all of the similar complaints here, I can only conclude AMD Rewards is a scam, a trick to sell hardware, and take our money. Surely, this is illegal. 

I will now start to send a support ticket every day. Today was day two of sending a support ticket. 

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2019.03.08-02.29_01.pngIts not a scam... They don't send individual game keys. You get the one coupon code you enter into AMD Rewards, which unlocks the selection of the amount of games that code is meant to unlock. Then on launch day you get the links you see there, not keys. I will give it that saying "Your key will be assigned as soon as it is available" is the misleading part, since they won't give you an individual key, but will add the game directly to your steam (or uplay for TD2 I assume) once the game is available.

I bough Ryzen 7 2700X from a local vendor but there are no CODES or what so ever, how can i claim the games ?

Adept I

i have not received my dmc5 steam activation, nor have i received a response from amd rewards! for a game that released 6 days ago.

Adept II

I received all three codes. I purchased a ready built PC from ADW-IT and received the codes in my order acknowledgement email. I had to wait for my PC to arrive before I could redeem the codes as the process requires you to do so on a PC that contains the relevant AMD product. It makes you run some AMD software that checks your PC has one of their products.

I did it when my PC arrives and have downloaded all three games, RE2 & DMC5 on Steam, and Division 2 on Ubisoft Play.

When you all do get your codes, make sure you have open Steam/Ubisft in a separate browser tab, DONT launch them from the desktop icon.


@leadfarmer do you know if this is still the case?  I have the voucher code for the current promotion but I want to be sure I activate them on the correct account so I won't input them until I'm sure.


@Anonymous @AMD_Brady Any update on this promo? The codes haven't been sent out yet, at least not to me, I have the code for the rewards site but it's still inactive last time I checked.