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AMD Responds to Recent Game Bundle Redemption Issues, Promises Fix

Hopefully the "fix" is to stop offering free games and offer cash back instead going forward.

Think about it, take the 590 vs 1660. Same price point, nVidia is more efficient, quieter, and slightly faster, do you really think "free games" are going to swing in AMD's favor? No. Slap a $30 instant or mail in rebate on them, and it becomes a whole different story.

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Adept I

I purchased a 570 because of the free games.  I was building a dedicated streaming PC, i wasn't going to put in a GPU, but since I was going to buy DMC and division anyway I figured I might was well spend 140 to get the games and the gpu, instead of just $90 on the games. That is basically a GPU for $50.  So yeah, it was a no brainer.   I did receive my Division 2 activation, still waiting on DMC. 

^ that's probably why most people went the amd option.

mind if i ask if there's been an update to DMC5 yet?

feel that because Division 2 is a multiplayer game and the shtstorm they want to blame users and consumers for, they had to sort that out first.

struggling to find any info and updates on DMC now though with all the Division 2 chaos online and lack of replies from support.

I still do not have DMC and havent heard anything from support.

I got Division 2 fine, so I am wondering what is wrong with the supply of games?

Journeyman III

This is still a huge issue.