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Journeyman III

AMD please make FSR3 an external DLL

FSR2 is open source so that people could make improvements to it but how are coders going to experiment and make improvements without being able to test it in released games?

Games that use older version of FSR2 or 3 are stuck with it. For example, Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum use an older version of the FSR3 frame gen that has frame pacing issues. It cannot be replaced unless the now disbanded devs did it themselves.

Nvidia made DLSS use a seperate library file that the game loads which makes it very easy for users to simply replace the file with a newer one. I think AMD needs to follow the Nvidia method so that older games can be improved with newer iterations of FSR2 as and when they become available. It would even allow modders to add FSR2 to games that do not have it.

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