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Journeyman III


Still no fix on these dog drivers.
I hope you know people are going to bin AMD off when people next change hardware.
Black Screens and driver crashes are not acceptable when people have paid alot of money for their hardware.

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Volunteer Moderator

What specifically are you experiencing so we can assist you better? which game or application? what driver version are you using? what have you tried so far in order to fix the issues? etc.

Journeyman III

Video playback stuttering in various web browsers (chrome,edge)
Black screen then driver crashes
Various games crash in menu due to driver crash(tarkov stash makes it crash)
Ive tried multiple versions of drivers over the last 12 months
Worst = 22.9.1 (Just complete fail)
Best =22.5.1     (Video playback just kills it randomly every hour of two,)
New =22.10.3   ( Makes whole pc lag 10s behind if you try play video)
I think its something to do with the players as they go into a stutter(like spam refresh) while the video is playing fine and then crashes the driver.
If the driver crashes really bad it even resets the pc on the very odd occasion

For reference specs:
AMD 6900XT
AMD 5800X
850W EVGA 850 B5
32GB Ram
Windows 10 Pro

Ive posted previously but seems everyone has the same problem
Tried different power supply
Tried fresh install of drivers multiple times


Linux drivers provided within kernel does not fail playback within those browsers.

I use Windows now only for exclusive software. It is Microsoft problem now.

It is that damned MPO that causes loads of issues for both AMD and in bit less but still Nvidia as well.

It becomes worse, if person is using more than 1 monitor at once, which, i assume TS is doing.
Personally have no issues with 22.10.3 except random singular frame flickers in Chrome. But i do use only one monitor

Volunteer Moderator

Current known issue in the driver is:

  • Stuttering may occur during video playback using hardware acceleration with Firefox on some AMD Graphics Products such as the Radeon RX 6900 XT Graphics.

Try to disable hardware acceleration in browsers and see how that does.