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Journeyman III

RX 580 Underperforming?

The other day I ordered me a RX 580 XFX 8GB to pop into my system as I wanted to get rid of my 1650 within my system.

I've been monitoring my system all day and in D3D11 games my frames are worse than what was originally from the 1650 (stable 60-70 (with cap) to 35-45 depending on the title), the only game that the GPU has sort of worked on on has been R6S running on Vulkan. My GPU likes to, even when idling, spike anywhere between 85% to 100% usage rate, temps are stable, clock speeds haven't gone up since idling, sitting at 300.

I plan on continuing to upgrade, but having this problem is making it hard to upgrade my GPU if I'm having more problems than before. My current rig is as follows:

Intel i5- 4690

Corsair Vengeance 2x8 (16) DDR3 (big upgrade next)

ASUS B85M-G Plus (also upgrading)



Seagate Barracude 2TB HDD


Any help towards this is greatly appreciated. From this I’ve tried a few options as of yesterday, updating drivers, reseating ram, none of these have worked.

I am currently running on the latest drivers (22.10.3), and when under heavy load, anywhere between 1200RPM and up, there is a faint sort of vibration noise within my system that was not present previously. I've looked for things that could be causing these vibrations, but nothing is touching or even connecting to the GPU to make these noises.

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with the side case off, when the GPU is under load and you hear the vibration noise .. you can lightly touch the middle of the GPU fan and see if that effects the noise or not

Be sure to run the program called DDU to remove all traces of previously installed Nvidia drivers and current AMD drivers.. reboot .. and then install latest GPU drivers from

Make sure AHCI is enabled on your SATA controller in your BIOS

Make sure  your motherboard's BIOS is as up to date as you can get it

ThreeDee PC specs

It does not stop the vibration noise, stays the same.

Yeah before I went ahead and installed the GPU I made sure to run DDU. I had also tried this before with the AMD drivers and it still has a performance decrease.

I have not actually checked my ACHI, I will go ahead and do this first thing in the morning as I am currently laying down. Hopefully that fixes it.


Did you check any benchmarks before buying a new GPU? While I didn't find any high quality reviews with both the GPU's, what I did find is that the performance difference between 1650 and 580 is not remarkable.

In general, I don't upgrage GPU until next one is twice as fast as previous, as while it might sound strange, it really has to be remarkably faster so you actually notice it.

What you can do (unless seller is willing to take back 580 so you can purchase something that is actually faster than what you had) is what ThreeDee said, uninstall old drivers with DDU 

and then install AMD drivers

Also 4690 is 4 core, 4 thread CPU so it is going to be a limiting factor. If it was atleast 7700K, preferably 9700K or a 6-8 core Ryzen, but... 4690 is just not worth pouring more money onto it.

Not sure I would invest much to that computer anymore.


Yeah I knew I was gonna have to upgrade eventually, I have a 9400F lying around just have to buy a Mobo and some more Ram. 

And yeah I figured it wouldn't be that much of a difference, although whenever I play some games that I usually get above 60FPS in (since I have a 60hz Monitor), these games are performing worse than it would on my old GPU. I have run DDU.