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Adept I

AMD ignores Mac users with rewards campaign

In December 2018 I chose and purchase the ASUS XG Station Pro - external GPU in combination with the Sapphire Radeon RX 590 Nitro+ Special Edition Graphical card.

This purchase was valid for the Raise the Game Fully Loaded campaign of AMD where you may download 3 new games.

I found out the games cannot be run on the Mac platform and asked AMD support if they offer an alternative for Mac users. I received the reply:

“All of the games we offer and Windows PC games. We are not sure if Steam or Ubisoft have Mac Installers."

I considered that selling the voucher coupon on Ebay would then be an option for me, but it seems the AMD regards program is set up in a way that selling is not possible.

When I entered my voucher code on AMD rewards, the website responded that no eligible graphics card was identified in my system.

The site offered the option to download a graphical card identifier application which I then did. This is however a Windows application that will not run on my Mac.

I find it not reasonable from AMD to completely ignore the Mac community in their rewards programs.


 Rewards Support”

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You could always use Boot Camp and run Windows on your Mac.


Well , not really I think: because Boot Camp does not support eGPU's.

Besides that I prefer not to make things more complicated and risking viruses etc.

It would be fair if the AMD Rewards program would also favor Mac-users.

Adept I

AMD Support now suggested my Radeon RX 590 was not installed.

In the attached screenshot it can be seen that the Radeon card is running and not recognized!

Mac OS Mojave identifies the AMD Radeon Rx 590 as AMD Radeon RX Ellesmere Prototype.

Also AMD Support advises to install the Desktop Product Verification Tool, which is a windows application.

Clearly AMD Support is missing the point.

Apparently the AMD Rewards program is only focussed at PC users; Mac users buying AMD graphic cards are simply left in the cold. I would be fair if Mac users could take advantage of some sort of alternative gift or would be allowed to sell their voucher coupon to a PC user.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-10 om 13.34.16.png


I have seen this sort of stuff nVidia card promotions too

some are region specific too

the games are more of a marketing gimmick than anything


Are you corresponding with AMD Support or AMD REWARDS Support?

Maybe if you open a AMD Rewards Support ticket and explain your situation and show proof of applicable AMD Product and website saying it participates in the Game promotion. It is possible they will accept your Game code without the AMD GPU installed or recognized.

Here is AMD Rewards Support, IF this is the AMD Support you are talking about:


Yeah was talking with AMD Rewards Support. In the end they activated my download account. There is no possibility for mac-users to go through the normal download process (see arguments above).

I was able to share the reward with a PC friend who downloaded the free game(s).


Hi mjsmit. I had the same problem as you did. I contacted amd rewards support but unfortunatly they replied that i need a windows operating system in order to receive the free games. I wondered what you told them in order to receive the cd keys...


AMD Rewards  Support asked  me for scanned  evidence of purchase and of installation  of the graphics card in my system before they send the activation keys. Maybe you can refer to my case when contacting them.